Plane Shift

One of the things I did on the Magic team is write the books of The Art of Magic: The Gathering. And as sort of a side project based on that work, I also wrote the Plane Shift series, which offers minimalist rules conversions allowing you to use the art books as campaign setting books for your D&D game. You can use the Plane Shift articles without the art books, but you'll be missing a lot of world information. Plane Shift paved the way for actual D&D books based on the worlds of Magic, including Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and Mythic Odysseys of Theros.

Here's your one-stop guide to where to find the art books and D&D books (Amazon Smile links) as well as the Plane Shift articles (with links to the DM's Guild):


Q: When will you do Plane Shift: [My Favorite Plane]?
A: For the foreseeable future, Plane Shift is inextricably linked with art books. And art books are inextricably linked with set releases.

Q: With the Plane Shift articles now on the DM's Guild, does that mean I can use Magic IP in my DM's Guild products?
A: No. The DM's Guild pages include this note way down at the bottom:
Note: No artwork, setting, or other material from the Plane Shift or other Magic: the Gathering products is allowed in the DMsGuild community content program.
Ravnica is an exception! Check out what people are doing.
Q: Amazon Smile?
A: I changed the links on this page to go through Choose your favorite charity and they’ll get a portion of your purchase as a donation. Don’t know who to donate to? Let me recommend the ACLU, the Transgender Law Center, and St. Columba’s Episcopal Church in Kent, WA. Thanks!