Chala (2e)

CLASS: EnchanterKIT: none
DESCRIPTION: Chala has jet-black hair and silver eyes. His hair is long --shoulder length-- and quite wavy. His features are delicate but firmly defined, and his pale complexion combines with his other traits in a beautiful, artistic way.
THAC018with weapon in hand6ACFLANK
ARMOR: armor spell - 12hp
COMBAT MODIFIERS: 90% resistant to sleep and charm.
+1 to saving throw vs. enchantment/charm.
Paralyzation, Poison, Death Magic
Rod, Staff, Wand
Petrification or Polymorph
Breath Weapon
60' infravision
1/6 notice concealed doors in passing
1/3 find secret doors
1/2 find concealed doors
-4 to opponent surprise rolls when alone
(-2 through doors)
-1 to opponents saving throws vs. enchantment/charm.
speak Elvish
s/r/w Latin
s/r/w Greek
animal lore-17
riding (horse)-14
weather sense-6
Stuff on me:
75gp amber
175gp gold ring with sapphire
100gp black cloak with silver thread embroidery of a cat and winged snake in combat
50gp silver brooch of a cat and winged snake in combat
Garment of Parrying Equipment (1 use)
All magic items
small satchel: flint and steel, 5 sp, 34 cp
dagger&sheath, bandolier, 6 daggers
50gp black robe with silver sash, pockets (for Deeppockets), black sandals with silver buckles
spellbooks (in Enchanted Pocket)
Stuff on camel:
saddlebags, backpack, 3 large sacks
small tent&blanket
50' rope, 10' silk rope
2 wineskins, dry rations, 2 days
wax tablet&stylus, 4 papyrus sheets, vial of ink
whetstone, 6 stones
sewing needle&thread
At home:
key to gate in tomb
50gp scarlet robe with black sash
50gp black robe with silver sash, no pockets
other coins
brown tunic, brown sandals, riding boots, breeches, grey cloak, brown gloves, large satchel: 1 day dry rations
Magical items
Ring of Sustenance (white gold with ruby)
Philter of Love
Scroll - Protection From Magic
Bone Wand of Lights (light:'on'; dancing lights:'dance'; continual light:'shine'; blind for a round:'burst'; charges used: 1/1/1/2)
Potion of Fire Breathing, 1/3 used
5pp 480gp 12sp
Other treasure
115gp ornate longsword 3rd level spell lab Gems: all in box in room. 100gp amber, 500gp aquamarine, beaded agate 10, beaded agate 10, carnelian 50, chrysoprase 50, chrysoberyl 100, citrate 50, coral 100, fire opal 1000, jasper 50, obsidian 10, pearl 500, chodochrosite 10, sardonyx 50, spinel 500, star rose quartz 50, topaz 500, turquoise 10, zircon 50, alexandrite 100, amethyst 100
MVBase moveSpecial moveWeight carriedBulk carriedEncumbrance
EXPERIENCE: 72641 (90,000)+__%
Spell Points:Maximum Spell Level:Max. Spells/Level:
Level 1 (5)Level 2 (4)Chala's Dimensional Rippler
Charm PersonAngerMonster Summoning I
Color SprayEnchanted PocketTongues
ObsessFocusLevel 4 (2)
SleepLevel 3 (3)Enchanted Weapon
--Level 1--Light-4*Anger-5--Level 3--
Animal Companion-7*Obsess-2Bind-5*Chala's Dimensional Rippler-6
*Block Pain-3Protection from Evil-6Deeppockets-2*Garment of Parrying-4
*Bug Attraction-4Read Magic-6*Enchanted Footprints-6*Loyalty-7
Charm Person-5*Read Tiny Writing-2*Enchanted Pocket-3Monster Summoning I-5
Color Spray-3Sleep-4*Enhance Stones-7Slow-5
Comprehend Languages-4Spider Climb-4*Focus-2Suggestion-7
Darkness, 15' Radius-3Taunt-3Levitate-5--Level 4--
Detect Magic-2*Tiny Writing-6Melf's Acid Arrow-3Emotion-7
*Edgeshimmer-3Ventriloquism-3Painlink-4Enchanted Weapon-6
Friends-2Wall of Fog-4Ray of Enfeeblement-2
*Gab-6--Level 2--Scare-4
Hypnotism-1Alter Self-7Unsure Footing-5
FAILED CHECK ON: Dispel Magic, Item
Chala hates long pointless discussions, although he has a tendency to babble in stressful situations. However, he almost never appears scared, instead showing a bravado that he often doesn't feel.
From Germania, enslaved for ten years in Rome, escaped to Aegyptus, became student, enrolled in enchanter school, moved to Tanis.

What's this? :
Slow 3, Wizard Lock 2, Leomund's Secure Shelter 4

The Tomb (I)
Date: 3 January 45 to 2 February 45
The Tomb (II)
Date: 3 February 45 to 9 February 45
Chala Does Tanis
Date: 10 February 45 to 12 February 45
The Tomb (III)
Date: 13 February 45 to 20 February 45
The Tomb (IV)
Date: 21 February 45 to 2 March 45
Mistaken Identity
Date: 7 May 45 to 9 May 45
The Tomb (V)
Date: 10 May 45 to 20 May 45
The River
Date: 22 May 45 to 21 June 45
The Ionian Temple
Date: 7 July 45 to 9 September 45
Layover in Massilia
Date: 9 September 45 to 24 September 45
Date: 25 October 45 to 12 December 45
A Keen Interest
Date: 10 January 46 to 16 January 46
Bugs in the Desert
Date: 16 January 46 to 13 February 46
Armenian Axe (Jilla)
Date: 21 March 46 to 24 April 46
Date: 13 May 46 to 21 May 46
The Arena
Date: 19 June 46 to 21 June 46
Date: 8 July 46 to 14 July 46
Searching for Ekhnet
Date: 18 July 46 to 5 August 46
Alexandria, Alexandrius
Date: 10 August 46 to 11 August 46
Return To The Tomb
Date: 25 January 47 to 30 January 47
46/01 Bugs In The Desert: Date: 16 January 46 to 13 February 46

Thrycrene Aventure
Exp I: 924 total 574 combat 300 spells 50 roleplay
Exp III: 1260 total 560 combat 150 story goal 400 spells 100 roleplay 50 balls
46/07 Searching For Ekhnet:
46/08 Alexandria, Alexandrius: Date: 10 August 46 to 11 August 46
Exp: spells 700, monsters 700, RP 150, ideas 150
total: 1700 + 10%

Initial exp: 34144
Exp gained: 1870
Final exp: 36014

PCs: Ku (James), Raz (Amy), Geref (Wally), Dras (Mark)

Went to Alexandria to get magic supply, stayed at Inn of the Beaten Dog. Met Raz, was eating when a shrouded woman entered and was accosted by some drunken men. Obsessed 2 of them; they started stripping her. Raz took out a few of them with Color Spray, I Slept the last 2. Another shrouded woman entered, terrified all the men (spent some time scrabbling at the rear wall). Raz comforted the first woman, Ahmis, and was invited by the other woman to talk. They are members of the Reborn Isis, and apparently strongly dislike men.

Everyone left. Met Ku, a gnome, Varnek (Dras?), an elf, and Geref, a human. Moved into the nicest room in the inn.

Next morning, Pontius Africanus, the governor of the region, had breakfast with us. He knew everything, and let us know that. I told him everything. Raz kinda told a little lie, but the governor caught her in it. He apparently has a tight grip on magic use in the area. The Hand of Isis, the middle-aged woman, is looked on less favorably. He said it would be best if we did not associate with the Reborn Isis. Roman in black tunic w/coif & harsh face entered, had single badge (wolf?). I felt like he was very dangerous and powerful.

Baric, the innkeeper, said that the man was a Hound of Rome, responsible for watching over the magic use in an area. Recruited by Rome when magic was outlawed.

Nestor: ÒThe temple of Reborn Isis,Ó your mentor tells you, Òis a new organization in Alexandria. About twenty women arrived in town six months ago, bought a burned-out temple and renovated it. They promptly set about annoying the Romans by agitating the female population of the town. They have some nutty ideas about a womanÕs place in the world; about it being equal to a manÕs.Ó
ÒNuts, as I said.Ó
ÒTheyÕre stirring up the Romans something fierce; word is that the Governor himself is taking an interest—maybe even the local Hound.Ó
ÒTheyÕve got a temple down by the waterfront and a ship tied up by a burned warehouse. Word is that theyÕre going to go to Rome itself and stir things up.Ó
ÒWonder how the Romans like that?Ó

Told me that Hound was Garus Mord, slightly unbalanced. Watch out for him. Ku&Raz went to temple of Reborn Isis & found out same story. Iris is Right Hand. She asked for us to protect ship for a week, 70gp each/day.

Went on ship. Slept while they set up schedule. Cast Suggestion on acolyte to rethink her opinion of men& discuss it with others. Quintus Tortellius, a centurion, gave message from Africanus -- he sends his regards, hopes chosen career suits us.

Iris cast spell on me that took half my hit points. Had brief but sharp interchange with Raz, and quit. Went to Nestor's, had him sew a fake brown back to my cloack, cast Garment of Parrying on robe, bought old sandals and turban, rubbed dirt on my face, and went to the ruined warehouse, and settled in for a snooze. A bolt of lightning woke me, and over the course of the next 15 minutes the group defeated Garus Mord (with the help of a burst from my wand, and a breath of fire from my potion), but not before Garus called lightning and blew up the ship. It turned out that Pontius Africanus was behind the whole thing, and he was happy with the result.

Iris came and we exchanged words. She still doesn't understand what kind of effect she has by not explaining herself.

Hand of Isis:

I appreciate your position now that you expressed yourself. May I suggest, however, that should you want to improve the position of women in the world, you not treat men like tools to be used and discarded. More than any other factor I was reacting to that attitude; I certainly didnÕt mean to hurt anyone by my action, only to provide some free discussion where none existed. Whether you admit it or not you are obviously protecting them from what you consider the enemy, and that opinion carries over in your conversation and your actions, and I donÕt think that is healthy to your cause. Why do you keep your acolytes from the joys a good marriage can bring?

I am sorry for what I did; I certainly would not have done that if you had presented the facts in a straightforward manner. Should you wish to prevent further such events I recommend that you reevaluate your position.

Respectfully yours,

Good ideas - Saying Raz is a priest
46/08 Spell Research: Initial exp: 36014
Exp gained: 24500
Final exp: 60514

20,000exp -- from adventures DMed.

12/08-18/08, Training -- 6th level gained. +4 hp. Took Quarterstaff. Took r/w Hieroglyphics.
19/08-25/08, Travel to Tanis and relax.

date, cost, exp, spell level, spell researched:
26/08-09/09, 300gp, 1500xp, 3, Loyalty 
10/09-16/09, 100gp, 1000xp, 2, Unsure Footing
17/09-23/09, 050gp, 0500xp, 1, Pocket Item
24/09-07/10, 100gp, 0500xp, 1, Edgeshimmer
08/10-21/10, 100gp, 1000xp, 2, Painlink
Total cost: 650gp

22/10-24/10 Travel to Alexandria
25/10-31/10 Training -- 7th level gained. +4 hp. THAC0 18. Took spell Enchanted Weapon.
01/11-07/11 Learned Emotion, Slow
08/11-11/11 Travel to Tanis
46/11 Spell Research: Initial exp: 60514
Exp gained: 500
Final exp: 61014

date, cost, exp, spell level, spell researched:
12/11-25/11, 200gp, 500xp, 1, Graft

26/11-25/01 Worked on Tiny Writing spellbook, chopping up&Grafting rest.
47/01 Return to the Tomb: Date: 26 January 46 to 1 February 46
Exp: spells 3000, monsters lots, RP 200, ideas 100, story goal 1000
total: 10570 + 10%

Initial exp: 61014
Exp gained: 10570
+10%: 1057
Final exp: 72641

Went back to the tomb. Encounted all sorts of yucky beasties. Estis killed.

5pp, 480gp, 12sp, 3 gems from Estis.

All my gems:
100gp amber, 500gp aquamarine, beaded agate 10, beaded agate 10, carnelian 50, chrysoprase 50, chrysoberyl 100, citrate 50, coral 100, fire opal 1000, jasper 50, obsidian 10, pearl 500, chodochrosite 10, sardonyx 50, spinel 500, star rose quartz 50, topaz 500, turquoise 10, zircon 50, alexandrite 100, amethyst 100
(Note: 500gp ruby, 50gp chalcedony given for appraising)

fire opal 1000, jade 100
Cities Visited: Cities visited, prices, noteworthy stuff

Akrorenos: High Point Inn: 8sp/2rms, 15cp/meal
Antioch: Grand Cliff's Inn: 18sp/3rooms, 25cp/meal
Berytus: Magic Lamp: 15sp/3rooms, 2sp/meal
Ceseria: David's Harp: 12sp/3rooms, 15cp/meal
Flaviopolous: Ostro's Hostel: 2sp/2rms, 8cp/meal
Gaza: Tasty Topaz: 27cp/3rooms, 11cp/meal
Iconium: The Cracked Emphora: 2sp/2rms, 9cp/meal
Laranda: The Dragon's Tooth: 6sp/3rms, 15cp/meal
Pelusium: 4sp/3rooms, 2sp/meal
Philomelium: Aphrodite's Ankle: 2gp/2rms, 25cp/meal
Rhino Colura: Silver Spear: 1gp/3rooms, 1sp/meal
Seleusia Trachea: The Golden Dice: 15sp/3rooms, 2sp/meal
Tarsus: Silver Scroll: 12sp/3rooms, 25cp/meal
Masks: 1
Sardis: Sardis Adventure
Grenali approached us in Tanis & told us that we were suspected in the kidnapping and we needed to go to Sardis and capture the real kidnappers (1 woman, 1 man, 1 halfling...). Need to find them, get lots of money. Left 27 October.

Route to Sardis: Tanis-Pelusium-Rhino Colura-Gaza-Ceseria .5-Tirus .5-Berytus 2-Antioch 2-Tarsus-Seleusia Trachea 8-Laranda 3-Iconium 3-Philomelium-Adrorenos 6-Flaviopolous-Sardis (numbers indicate days of travel-if none, assume 1)

Loot: Obsidian chunk, ring, 1300gp...others...
The Arena: Exp: 650 spells, 300 story

Heard about Estis fighting a hydra from KŽlia. Also heard that Tatsor was sending out complaints about how I hadnÕt introduced myself to the Assembly. Asshole. Went around and met everyone after spreading rumor of my own that no one had bothered to come welcome the new member. Anyway, after a 16-hour trip to and from Alexandria to find out whether Estis was supposed to fight there (he was) I found him and charmed Dendrikos, his owner. Spent 150gp convincing Dendrikos to proclaim Estis a freedman.
With the help of a Strength spell, Scare (on the hydra), Focus, and Obsess Estis handily defeated the creature and was freed.
162 miles from Tanis-Alexandria.
Ad‡nakh: Tuareg guide. Incompetent. Led us in circles for days while looking for the tomb.
Adantos: 'toothless'. Old man from south of province. Along riverside. May be from Ethiopia. Told us a bit about Dubana.
Ahmis: Woman who was attacked in the Whipped Dog during "Alexandria, Alexandrius".
Alderos: Transmuter. In same group as Tuina (Trismegistos). Half-elf. Jack-of-all-trades. Lives just down street from Tuina.
Altos: Strong arm, friend of Mennet, met his unfortunate demise while with us.
Andronicus: Brother of Kara. Lives in Syene. Cobbler. Underhanded dealings there, wanted by the cops. Caused a lot of problems. We helped him escape at one point. Not tall, reddish-brown hair, fair skin, hut by river's edge. Met him again in Sardis; sister having trouble in Massilia, going to help her. A real problem, I hope I never see him again, he causes me lots of trouble. Attacked by thugs of Maxinos, the guildmaster of Alexandria.
Astemora: Ancient hero purported to have slain an evil dragon-queen, rescued a king from the dragon's clutches, and turned back the tide of a river in order to find a magical sword at its bottom. Ruined temple north of Massilia devoted to her.
Atania: Wild wizard. Met her on road between Gaza and Ceseria. Berber, going to Petra. Duped by Gallius and Virenius into thinking we were criminals, followed us to Sardis, met Grenali and is now on her/our(?) side, came to ®gyptus with us. Tall, big sandy-brown hair, muscular, high cheekbones.
Bebseka: Female. Mature, statuesque, ruddy illusionist. Member of the Maia.
Buj: Margy's young thief acrobat. Insignificant. Just a young human.
Claudius: Doug's Legionairre. Brute. Worthless except as a tool.
Dauer: Ben's dwarf fighter. Morose, but good fighter. Fairly ambivalent to him. On Sardis adventure.
Dendrikos: Former ÒownerÓ of Estis. Nice enough, but needs some education on the value of life.
Denia: General mage, local woman, crossed Ostaka 3 years ago, not well liked because she stole spells, transformed into desert goblin, saved, moved to Alexandria.
Denis: Full of himself. We didn't get along.
Deyyo: Dwarf, told us abot the tomb. Runs the Drunken Mule (the in I'm staying in).
Dras: Couldn't figure him out. Met him during "Alexandria, Alexandrius". Also goes by "Varnek".
Drunken Mule: North end of Sphinx Road.
Dubana: A god. Baboon-worshippers, fire-god. Originated in south. Had a temple 1.5 miles east of Philli, which is an island south of Syene down by first cataract with lots of temples. Names of islands(?): Satis, Sinon.
Estis: Elf from my tribe. Became a gladiator, owned by Dendrikos. Quite a nice chap; hope he sticks around. Level-headed. Nice to have an elf around again. Kunte should like him.
Eudokia: Rich slave owner. Lives five miles upriver. Young, attractive. Sold me Tha‘nos. Maybe talk to her about real estate?
Gallius: 6'3" 199lbs. human, young, studded leather, 2 short swords, bow. Egyptian hired by Maxinos to kill Andronicus. He failed and is now at large in Sardis.
Garen Tribe: Tribe of nomads in desert, had trouble with Thrycrene, driven out of territory 7 Jan. 150 miles SW from Antiphrae. Thrycrene about 100 miles beyond that.
Garus Mord: Hound of Rome. I killed him during "Alexandria, Alexandrius" (with a little help from Raz and co). The Hounds all have a staff which gives them powers. Watch for black tunics with wolf badges. Pontius Africanus set him on the Hand of Isis (and us).
Geref: See "Dras".
Glossnar: German transmuter? Works in translation. Knows Shezna. Not in Mysteries.
Golden Grapevine: Place Kunte and I stayed in in Massilia.
Golden Unicorn: GREAT dinner place. Emerald Ave. 5gp/meal, 2gp/pitcher of wine.
Gorril: Dwarven tribe, doesn't get along well with the Khamiz. Kijje allies? May be warring with goblins.
Grenali: Friend of Kennros. Has a crush on Kunte. Caused us some trouble in Massilia; I'm not sure I trust her...sailed to ®gyptus to warn Kunte and me about how the Romans are looking for us because they think we kidnapped a magistrate in Massilia. Told us the real people went to Sardis and that we have to find them. Friends of hers (Kara and co.) actually kidnapped the magistrate and she was getting word to Andronicus. She needed our help in getting to Sardis.
Grnnektt: Dragonne responsible for Thrycrene. Egotistical.
Gwirthlin: Richelle's elvish druid. Bleah. On the Sardis adventure.
Hand of Isis: Somewhat silly religious group encountered during "Alexandria, Alexandrius" who either want to overthrow the world of men and turn them into slaves, or carve out their own niche in society where they just won't have to interact with men. Troublesome, because they are brainwashing their converts to hate men.
Hexnopis: Disturbing Egyptian. Frazzled hair, beard, impulsive, bad manners. Echanter, member of the Assembly of Maia.
Iones: Illusionist or Enchanter. African, member of the Assembly of Maia, friend of Thorvald. Lives on street of the Sun over blacksmith's.
Iris: Right hand of Isis. Met her on "Alexandria, Alexandrius". Mean to men; treats them like animals. Asked us to protect her ship from the Garus Mord. Has a nasty spell that "disappeared" me and left me really drained, and also something that repels men. Started up a dialogue with her after her ship was burnt; we'll see if she's open-minded enough to see her faults.
Kara: Sister of Andronicus. Sent him a message through us (which we intercepted). Don't know much about her. Having trouble in Massilia since she kidnapped the Roman magistrate.
KŽlia: Enchanter. High-ranking member of Assembly of Maia. Arranged Denia's affairs. From whom Denia's cloak was obtained. South end of Opal Street, set apart from other houses. Shezna sent me to her. Nice person, had dinner with her at the Silver Dolphin. The last few months have been a bit weird. I'm told that she and Tuina do not get along, although I haven't really noticed any evidence of that. She's quite attractive, and self-confident in a way that Tuina isn't. I suppose this will all get sorted out in the next few years.
Kelness: Bard. Met him near Melatene while on Axe adventure with Denis. Heading toward Tanis.
Kennros: Met him in Massilia. Made me somewhat uncomfortable. Friend of Grenali. Probably had something to do with kidnapping of magistrate. Dwarf priest of Dennari.
Khamiz: Dwarven tribe which doesn't get along with the Gorril. May be allying with goblins against them.
Kijje: Dwarven fanatics against goblins. Probably allied with the Gorril.
Ku: Gnome. Odd and unpredictable. Met him during "Alexandria, Alexandrius". The only male who the Isis women approved of.
Kvannek: Receiver of goblin letter from Lakshnat, inhabitant of the tomb.
Lakshnat: Writer of goblin letter to Kvannek.
Laughing Dwarf: Inn where Estis stayed before fighting hydra. Busy place.
Marius Tarn: Silbey's ranger. Okay, a bit hasty. Too human, too concerned with making a quick buck. Hired thug, almost.
Massilia: South of France, site of kidnapping by Kara. Ruined temple: due north to Aquae Sextiae, north again to river. Follow river to fork. Ruined temple in fork. The ford is a few miles upriver. Stayed in Golden Grapevine.
Mathias: Prisoner with Tesret in tomb.
Maxinos: Ambitious member of thieves guild in Alexandria who has influence with Roman legions. Tried to dick over guildmaster but Kara dicked him over instead, for which he is pissed. Hired Gallius and Verinius to kill Andronicus.
Mekart: Garen tribe priest. Battleaxe, scale. Too normal for words. Knows Ogdo Anar.
Melanops: Illusionist, patriarchal, tall, broad; close-cropped hair, friendly. Leader of Assembly of Maia.
Mennet: Strong arm, friend of Altos, met his unfortunate demise while with us.
Nestor: My old professor. Damned cheery. Human, old, lots o' wrinkles. Weaver.
Ogdo Anar: Chief of Garen tribe. Knows Mekart.
Ostaka: Necromancer? High-ranking mage of Trismegistos. Famous for feud with MargaritŽ. Have been feuding for decades. Responsible for Deniea's condition. Small, eccentric, funny mannerisms. Practical, strange sense of humor. Wispy grey hair. Has hut 2-3 miles southeast of Tanis, outside walls.
Pontius Africanus: Governor of Alexandria. Bold, arrogant Roman who knows far too much about magic for his own good. Told me about the Hounds of Rome, which is about the only good he did me.
PrositŽs: Greek man. Looks like Adonis. Quiet mage, member of Assembly of Maia.
Quintus Tortellius: Centurion on "Alexandria, Alexandrius" who sent us a message from Pontius Africanus that he sends his regards and hopes our chosen career suits us.
Raffio: Silbey's other Ranger.
Raz: Rather self-reliant, almost pompous mage. She's one of those Amazon women, who I don't fully understand; she seems to think that men are useless, which is amusing but troublesome. I feel an odd respect for her, though. Met her on "Masks"; also adventured with her on "Searching for Ekhnet" and "Alexandria, Alexandrius". All three times she was wrapped up in her own worries and made me feel like a sideshow.
Shezna: Diviner. Member of Pearl of Prophecy. Born on Cyprus. Half-elf. Father elf, mother human. Short black hair. Has a little house 4 houses down from the Golden Unicorn on right.
Silver Dolphin: New inn/bar in Tanis(?).
Tatsor: BabsekaÕs ÒfriendÓ. Can be violent. Enchanter. Big Egyptian, mane of hair. Member of Assembly of Maia.
Tesret: Elf, member of Deznos tribe in Germania (tribe near Chala's). Found in tomb as prisoner.
Tha‘nos: Nasty ex-slave, released only because he was member of my tribe.
Thorvald: Head barkeep at inn (Temple Street Grill and Hostel) next to Alderos. Knows Iones.
Thrycrene: Bug creatures from desert. Nothing works against them except Anger. Like to eat elves.
Toad: Dwarf, member of the Kijje(?). Hung out with us and then disappeared, leaving a short note of apology.
Tuina: Member of Trismegistos. Knows Alderos, Iones. Lives above silversmith on Temple Street. 5'3", good looking but not strikingly so. Twitty. Black hair. Can't cook.
Umi: Who is Umi? -- Eudokia's Indian serving woman.
Verinius: Egyptian hired by Maxinos to kill Andronicus but we killed him instead.
Whipped Dog: Inn I stayed in during "Alexandria, Alexandrius". Nice enough place, but I doubt I'll stay there again.
Xanthos: Prince Street. Priest. Bald on top, hair below. Goatee. Knows Tuina, member of Mysteries.
Xostros: Halfelf. Youngish, unremarkable, dull, enchanter. Member of Assembly of Maia.