Greco-Roman philosophy

Neopythagoreanism is the other major stream of philosophical thought, not as important or widespread as Platonism probably because of its extreme esoteric and mystical tendencies. Claiming to represent the ancient teachings of Pythagoras, the philosophers of Neopythagoreanism rely on revelation, gnosis as a gift from the Divine, for salvation. This gnosis is described as a "mystery", just as in the mystery religions, and it possesses the same secret quality. Only those who have been properly initiated into a Neopythagorean school may know of its secrets. There are countless very diverse schools of this philosophy, but these characteristics are common to most or all of them.




Place of Worship: 

Holy Days: 

Goal and Purpose of the Faith: The entrance of the soul into the body was described by the Neopythagorean Numenius of Apamea as a calamitous "fall"; the ultimate goal of this faith, then, is the remedy of this situation. By mystical and esoteric means, the priests hope to bring themselves and others into a state of union with the Deity through revelatory gnosis.

Requirements of the Priesthood

Alignment: Priests may be of any non-evil alignment.

Minimum Ability Scores: Wisdom 14, Intelligence 10. Wisdom 16+ gives +10% to all earned experience.

Races Allowed: Priests may be of any race and gender.

Nonweapon and Weapon Proficiencies: Nonweapon Proficiencies Required: Religion. Nonweapon Proficiencies Suggested: Reading/Writing. Weapon Proficiencies Required: None. Nonweapon Proficiency Group Crossovers: Priest, General, Wizard.

Duties and Rights of the Priest: Devotions (personal meditation). Education and Initiation of aspirants. Secrecy as regards the principles of the faith. No extraordinary rights.

Restrictions and Limitations: Weapons Permitted: Dagger, knife, lasso, quarterstaff, staff sling. Armor permitted: None, no shields. Other Limitations: Vegetarian diet only. Celibacy, chastity. No more than six hours of sleep nightly (and no naps!). Must wear white in clothing. Some orders may have more restrictions.

Spheres of Influence: Major Access to All, Astral, Charm, Creation, Divination, Necromantic, Numbers, Protection. Minor Access to Combat, Elemental, Guardian, Healing, Summoning, Sun.

Powers: Charm/Fascination (not in combat). At third level: Languages / Communication (as a Medium power). At eighth level: Shapechanging as a druid.

Followers and Strongholds: At ninth level, the priest attracts a school of priests of the same order: two 5th-level, three 3rd-level, four 2nd-level, and six 1st-level. The order will finance half the cost of stronghold construction at or after ninth level.

Relations: Other Faiths: Monotheistic by dogma, in that the Absolute Deity is considered to be the only god, while other gods are symbols or conceptions of that Deity. Aristocracy: Accepted, not especially popular. People: No priestly caste. Not extremely popular—too esoteric. No control over the people at large. Non-indigenous. Foreign Faiths: "Absorbs" foreign faiths easily, by allegorization.

Requirements of the Followers

Alignment: Any non-evil

Races Allowed: Any

Restrictions: Vegetarian diet only. Moderation is expected, some occasional fasting and the like.