Dwarven goddess of the earth

Dennari is an earth-mother goddess of dwarven origin, yet (despite her race) she has found a surprising popularity among the native people of Ægyptus, as well as other peoples subjugated by the Romans across the Mediterranean area. Like other earth goddesses (Cybele, Astarte, Demeter), Dennari represents agriculture and fertility, but these aspects are not as important as her association with the ground and rock, the earth proper as well as its fruits. For this reason, her faith is not connected with the agricultural cycle, but rather has become a symbol for the strength of oppressed peoples. Dennari's cult myths represent her as an eternally suffering and giving mother, tortured at the hands of her many children, but also all-powerful and ultimately a victor over their torments. She is thus seen both as a support for people in need and as a potent force for liberation.

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: Warhammer with leaves sprouting from handle

Animal: Badger

Place of Worship: Cave, home

Holy Days: Winter Solstice (Feast, Mysteries, Sacrifice)

Goal and Purpose of the Faith: The faith of Dennari is concerned greatly with the sufferings of oppressed people—which in Ægyptus includes the native Egyptians as well as dwarves, gnomes, and Arabians. Priests believe that their faith can give meaning to the trials of these peoples (and all who groan under heavy burdens), and also act to try to ease their burdens.

Requirements of the Priesthood

Alignment: Priests must be Neutral or Neutral Good.

Minimum Ability Scores: Wisdom 12. Wisdom of 16 or above gives the priest +10% to all earned experience.

Races Allowed: Priests may be of the dwarf, gnome, halfling, or human races, and of any gender.

Nonweapon and Weapon Proficiencies: Nonweapon Proficiencies Required: One of the following—Agriculture, Brewing, Mining, Stonemasonry. The dwarven language is required for all non-dwarves. Nonweapon Proficiencies Suggested: Reading/Writing, Religion. Weapon Proficiencies Required: Warhammer. Nonweapon Proficiency Group Crossovers: Priest, General.

Duties and Rights of the Priest: Guidance, Marriage. Special concern for oppressed peoples. No extraordinary rights.

Restrictions and Limitations: Weapons Permitted: Club, dagger, knife, mace, maul, picks, quarterstaff, scythe, sickle, sling, staff sling, stiletto, warhammer. Armor permitted: Non-magic, non-metal armor and shields. Other Limitations: None.

Spheres of Influence: Major Access to All, Creation, Elemental (Earth), Plant, Summoning. Minor Access to Animal, Divination, Healing, Protection.

Powers: Priests gain the following abilities as a dwarf (dwarf and gnome priests of Dennari gain a 100% chance of success with these abilities): detect grade or slope, determine approximate depth underground. Immunity to all snake venoms (automatically successful saving throw).

Followers and Strongholds: At eighth level, the priest attracts these followers: one 5th-level priest, three 3rd-level priests, and six 1st-level priests, plus one 3rd-level fighter and seven 1st-level fighters. The order will finance half the cost of stronghold construction at or after eighth level.

Relations: Other Faiths: Pantheistic with no chief faith. Aristocracy: Scorned by the Greek and Roman aristocracy. People: Reasonably popular among the Egyptian people, as well as other underclasses. No priestly caste.

Requirements of the Followers

Alignment: Any non-evil.

Races Allowed: Dwarf, gnome, halfling, human.

Restrictions: None.