Egyptian god of luck

Bes, in contrast with the great Osirian triad, is a much more "popular" deity (in the sense of being a favorite of the uneducated, a god the people feel they can talk to rather than simply worship). He is a god of luck, but in contrast to the pervasive concept of a dispassionate Fortune who dispenses good and evil to everyone with no regard of person, Bes is thought to bestow only good fortune, and he definitely plays favorites. This, at least, is the hope of those who daily throng his temple with offerings of flowers and incense, hoping for luck in affairs ranging from business and romance to major military campaigns.

Alignment: Neutral

Symbol: Dwarf wearing a panther's skin and tail

Animal: Fox

Place of Worship: Temple. Bes, being a minor god, does not usually have a temple on the same scale as the Osirian triad, for example. Even though it is smaller, however, it follows the same basic pattern: rectangular outer walls with a large public hall, an inner court, and even a nearby garden.

Holy Days: New moon (Feast, Sacrifice)

Goal and Purpose of the Faith: Even this seemingly practical faith fits into the general world-view of the Roman world, however: under the bondage of fickle Fortune, followers of Bes believe that their god can grant liberty from Fate, consistently influencing their luck for the better. Thus, Bes' priesthood acts as the agent of the god's pleasure, taking action to change the luck of those who ask for aid. 

Requirements of the Priesthood

Alignment: Priests may be Neutral or Neutral Good.

Minimum Ability Scores: Wisdom 12, Charisma 12.

Either 16+ => +5% experience; both 16+ => +10%.

Races Allowed: Priests of Bes may be of any race and gender.

Nonweapon and Weapon Proficiencies: Nonweapon Proficiencies Required: Astrology. Nonweapon Proficiencies Suggested: Gaming, Reading/Writing, Religion, Ancient Languages (ancient Egyptian reading). Weapon Proficiencies Required: None. Nonweapon Proficiency Group Crossovers: Priest, General, Rogue.

Duties and Rights of the Priest: Guidance, Marriage. Missions to bring luck to the unlucky. Omen-reading (through ritual interpretation with a dash of divine inspiration). No extraordinary rights.

Restrictions and Limitations: Weapons Permitted: Club, lasso, net, quarterstaff, sling, staff sling. Armor permitted: Leather armor only, no shields. Other Limitations: Must wear some white in clothing, with a silvered helm and a leather vest. Males must keep head shaven after reaching fourth level; females must keep hair long. Must ceremonially bathe every day.

Spheres of Influence: Major Access to All, Charm, Divination, Elemental, Healing, Protection, Summoning. Minor Access to Animal, Creation, Guardian, Plant, Sun, Weather.

Powers: Charm/Fascination. May cast augury spell twice per day in addition to normal spell use.

Followers and Strongholds: The followers are received at seventh level, and consist of one 5th-level priest, three 3rd-level priests and sixteen 1st-level priests (all of Bes). The order will finance half the cost of stronghold construction at 7th level.

Relations: Other Faiths: Pantheistic, no chief faith. Aristocracy: Very much a popular religion, not familiar to or influential with Greeks or Romans. People: No hereditary priesthood. Extremely popular among Egyptians. Foreign Faiths: Very tolerant (by necessity) of foreign faiths. 

Requirements of the Followers

Alignment: Any

Races Allowed: Any

Restrictions: None