Other Races

This information is mostly derived from our 2nd Edition campaign guidelines and need not be interpreted as definitive. DMs can decide what races live in their regions, and can work with players to decide where a character of any particular race is from.

Aarakocra are found in the Alps, as well as the higher mountain ranges to the north and east.


Bugbears are found primarily in the west, in Aquitania, Belgica, and Mauretania Caesariensis. Others are found north of the Danube river, however.

Centaurs are native to Greece, and are found there, in Gallia Narbonensis, and in the plains to the east.

Firbolg are native to the British Isles, and are well-known in the remoter regions of Wales and Ireland.


Goblins and hobgoblins are found in the same regions: the Alps, Narbonensis, Africa to the south of Numidia, Asia Minor, Armenia, and in the region east of Syria.



Kobolds are rather common in Moesia, in the Numidian desert and the province of Africa, in Syria, and in Asia. The related urds (winged kobolds) are found only along the Nile in Ægyptus and Æthiopia.


Minotaurs are still found on Crete, as well as Greece, Asia, and Armenia.

Orcs (including mountain orcs and desert goblins) are quite common in Spain (Lusitania and Tarraconensis), the Alpine provinces up into Germania, and the whole north coast of Africa, from Mauretania Caesariensis through Numidia, Africa proper, Cyrenae, Ægyptus, and into Arabia.



Yuan-Ti Pureblood

Unknown Races

These races appear in official D&D sources (and on D&D Beyond) but are unknown in the world of the Roman Empire: changeling, feral tiefling, gith, kalashtar, loxodon, shifter, Simic hybrid, tortle, and warforged. But DMs might decide to allow a character from one of these races if a suitable place for them can be found in the world.