Money and Equipment

The standard gold pieces are the Roman solidi aurei. This gold coin is worth ten silver denarii (this, incidentally, is a major fudge from history to make life easier). Other coins exist, however—many Greek and local coinages, and you may even stumble across coins from the ancient Egyptian monarchy or whatever. More frequently, however, merchants are faced with converting shekels from the Near East and other, more bizarre coins from lands further distant and less well-known. Commonly, merchants will accept all non-Roman coins based on the actual weight and purity of metal, regardless of imprint.

This campaign is set in a time period before the widespread use of steel and other items of technology (social as well as material) which are common in the D&D game. The list below outlines what is available, with cost and weight, and gives a general description of each item.

Players should note that not all regions of the Empire will have the same equipment availability or cost, and that it is up to individual DMs to determine this availability and cost in their regions.

Note: Prices found in original sources in drachmas or denarii may be directly converted to sp, and aurei to gp.