Character Ideas


  • Wilderness warriors accustomed to the desert regions (nomadic folk such as Tuareg and other such peoples) would make great PCs, with a good motivation for adventuring.
  • Thieves may find life in the big city of Alexandria very exciting. It's a strong guild, though, so be careful!
  • Caravan-guarding is a good way for fighter-types to make money, and may provide adventure as well.
  • Basically, any PC who is a native Egyptian has a built-in good reason to dislike the Roman Empire and therefore get involved in whatever small or large way in fighting against it.
  • Egypt has since the time of Moses had a reputation for sorcery, and it's possible that mage PCs went to Ægyptus to learn their craft.


  • Barbarian warriors and priests are always a good bet; with the Roman expansion going on there's lots of good reasons to move around and be dissatisfied with Rome. Lots of opportunities for culture shock, too, since the technology level in Germania is barely into the iron age.
  • Small elvish barbarian tribes can be found and elves or halfelves make good woodspeople.
  • Bards are an excellent option. Storytellers and singers were quite plentiful, and barbarian bards might have that extra exotic edge they need in order to be successful in the Empire.
  • Outlaw thieves from all over and woodsy mages from northern Gaul and Italy might be fun, there's trouble a-brewin' around the northern foothills of the Alps.
  • Check out a new race, the ka'an.

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