Diospolis Magna

July 17, 2011

The Romans

Gracchus Meridius Falco is the magistrate of Diospolis Magna, which is a pretty boring, bureaucratic job. Falco was an ambitious general who argued forcefully for using sorcery to aid Rome’s conquests rather than suppressing the practice of magic. This line of argument got him “promoted” to his position in the remote parts of Ægyptus, but he intends to prove the validity of this approach by using this technique to extend Roman control into the dwarf-held mountains and the darkness of Æthiopia (which might be ruled by hobgoblins...?).

Falco is a stocky man with the look of a military man who has gone soft. He wears a fine toga.
Falco has a villa in the city with a large household staff. His steward is Tremens Noctus, an African slave with a shifty look. Noctus is also a necromancer and has played an important role in advising Falco on his current course.

Agrius Daedalus is the commander of Falco’s personal guard, and the man responsible for shipping weapons to the desert goblins. He’s an old, wiry soldier.

Marcus Viriens is Falco’s agent in the Valley of Kings, working with the desert goblins to supervise the excavation of the tombs and Denia’s attempts at animating the pharaohs. With Denia’s death, he has returned to the city to consult with his master.

Desdemona is another of Falco’s agent, a half-elf wizard who coaxed Denia to steal the Scrolls of Thoth in the first place. She’ll end up trying to track down the scrolls and persuade their new owner to explore their magic. She’s a half-elf Greek and an enchanter. (Base stats on human transmuter.)


Kristryd is a dwarf paladin and Grrzhk’s mentor in the order. She lives in Alexandria’s Zeta quarter but is accessible to Grrzhk via a sending stone. She is very cautious, and is distressed at the possibility that the heroes’ actions might lead to a retributive strike against Thebes or other human settlements nearby. She urges caution and discretion above all, but nevertheless puts Grrzhk in touch with Toad, who urges the opposite.

Toad is a dwarf fighter (could be a companion character) who shares K’ssansk’s view of desert goblins—and extends that violent hatred to dwarves who would collude with them. (He also loathes centipedes.) He has a flaming red beard and bushy eyebrows, and he’s very short and stocky.


As a client state of Rome, Khamiz would like to see the same fate extended to the other dwarven kingdoms of Egypt, epecially their ancient enemies, the dwarves of Gorril. The main stronghold of Khamiz is Nalbof- Thorboleft, with a second stronghold at Daldemalk.

Thodzen is the dwarven prince most directly responsible for the dwarves’ involvement in Denia’s schemes. He’s the son of Rome’s client king, Thorbarak, and does his father’s will in this and every area of his life. Because he’s the son of the king, his letter to Bardryn is damning evidence that could very well cause serious instability in Khamiz.

Eberk is Thodzen’s agent in Thebes, unconnected with the Romans there but positioned there in order to coordinate the efforts of the dwarves in the Valley of Kings.


The dwarves of Gorril live in Bolth-Beldalbek and the secondary strongholds of Dovthroduum and Dalhak. The king of Gorril is Gordamarak XII.