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Year of Four Emperors

Unrestiness in Alexandria

DM: James Wyatt

Real Date: 21 November 2018
Game Date: early 68

Characters: Oneku Gar’nozh (Paul), Arnold Diggle (Brandon), Adrel Sylvannas (Zoe), Gargrin (Liam)

As unrest grows among Jews and dwarves in Alexandria, Margaret of the Pearl of Prophecy asked Brandon to find an obelisk that can repel undead, which would allow the rebels to fight the living Roman soldiers without having to contend with the zombies and skeletons animated by Egyptian necromancers colluding with the Romans. The group traveled across the delta to a temple of Isis on the edge of the desert, only to find it under attack by desert goblins (orcs)—and an unnatural sandstorm blowing around the temple. They managed to destroy the orcs and their jackal pets and (because it was midnight IRL) retrieve the obelisk.