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Ultimate Imperium

Slaves of the Sbekki

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 21 December 2010
Game dates: 21 December 44

Characters: Rakh, Thewyln

Thewyln is a member of the Horned Circle, a loose network of druids—primarily but not exclusively with Celtic roots—who share two goals: to preserve the health of the primal spirits of nature against the conquest of the Roman gods, and to liberate the oppressed people conquered by the Romans. His contact in the Circle sent him up the Nile to investigate a brigand raid that had captured three British slaves. Bringing Rakh along as hired muscle, Thewyln traced the raids to an ancient ruin at the outskirts of the Northern Oasis and set about exploring.

Inside the ruin, the heroes discovered an infestation of vile sbekki—small, crocodilian humanoids akin to the kobolds of other regions. The first group of sbekki was quickly dispatched, just as the last survivor opened a trap door leading to a warren below. Before descending, the heroes searched the upper ruin and found some treasure: an ivory statuette of Horus and a scepter that can be used as a magic mace. Down in the warren, the heroes faced more sbekki and fought to within an inch of their lives before finally dispatching the monsters. Two desert goblin warriors were also present in the warren, apparently in the process of taking delivery of the three captured slaves. A letter carried by one of the desert goblins indicated that the sbekki raid was carried out at the behest of the desert goblin leader, Kvannek, and mentions transporting the slaves to the Valley of Kings. Thewyln resolved to further investigate this desert goblin slave trade once the rescued slaves were brought to safety.

Mouth of the Valley

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 28 December 2010
Game dates: 28 December 44

Characters: Rakh, Thewyln, Grrzhk, K'ssansk, Gellyn, Tek

Thewyln and Rakh followed the lead from the captured Sbekki down to the Valley of Kings, near Diospolis Magna (Thebes), to investigate what seemed to be an Egypt-wide ring of slave capture. Meanwhile, K'ssansk ventured to the same region to investigate a number of desert goblin caravan raids that had disrupted trade between the hattí and the humans and dwarves of the south. At the same time, Grrzhk (a dwarf priest with loose ties to the pan-dwarven group known as Kijje) secured the help of Tek and Gellyn (I think) to look into reports of desert goblin activity in the area.

By so great a coincidence that it must have been divinely ordained, the three groups of heroes converged at the entrance of the Valley of Kings at the same time. And it's a good thing they did, because the desert goblins posted as guards at the valley entrance would almost certainly have overwhelmed any one group individually. Once the desert goblin guardians were defeated, the heroes met and agreed to work together in pursuit of their common goals.