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Classic Adventures


DM: David Silbey

Real date: 25 July 1990 (26)
Game dates: 26 October 44–5 November 44

Characters: Aiveize, Hevos, Jannes, Oak, Sir Christian Talnod, Huron (NPC)

Characters found themselves in possession of a powerful torc belonging to a deceased priest of Dagda. Following its homing pull, they ended up in the town of Safforth, where the priest of Arawn was challenging the power of Dagda. With the aid of divine intervention (!) the power of Dagda was restored and Arawn's usurpation attempt was foiled.

Characters found problems with the idea of remaining in either Safforth or Cragleth. Aiveize sailed from Cragleth to Ægyptus. Hevos and Jannes sailed to Spain for a vacation.

All characters present reached 2nd level.

The Malaca Party

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 20 November 1990
Game dates: 26 December 44–1 January 45

Characters: Jannes, Ant (NPC), Ant's sister (NPC)

Jannes met Ant, a bard, performing in a street in Gaul. After performing together, Jannes was informed of a nasty situation: Ant's sister had been captured by a Spanish nobleman and forced into slavery. Ant knew of a New Year's masked ball party being held in the nobleman's back yard. The two of them went, socialized a little, and then snuck into the house. They found the sister, lifted a few goodies, and escaped.

The Tomb (I)

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 28 July 1990
Game dates: 3 January 45–2 February 45

Characters: Aiveize, Anwar, Chala, Raffio

Characters met in Alexandria, where Raffio and Aiveize had just sailed from Wales, and where Chala and Anwar had been for some time. After escorting a merchant caravan from Alexandria to Tanis (encountering an ophigyne — "snake-woman" — along the way), the characters met a dwarf in a tavern in Tanis. The dwarf told them of an ancient tomb nearby in which they might seek their fortune. The party did so, and (with many trips to Tanis and Heroopolis for rest and recuperation) managed to walk away with a considerable amount of wealth robbed from the tomb.

At the bottom levels of the tomb, the party encountered a group of desert goblins. They also found a letter, apparently written from one desert goblin leader to another, mentioning many of the activities of the goblins.

Aiveize reached 3rd level.

The Tomb (II)

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 12 August 1990
Game dates: 3 February 45–9 February 45

Characters: Aiveize, Chala

A brief return to the tomb. Characters explored area where goblins were encountered previously; found it deserted.

Chala Does Tanis

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 20 August 1990
Game dates: 10 February 45–12 February 45

Characters: Chala, Tuina (NPC), others (NPC)

Chala did some independent research in Tanis in order to make some sense out of the goblins' letter. He learned the identity of the Denia mentioned in the letter: she is a human mage polymorphed into the form of a desert goblin as a result of a conflict with another mage in Tanis. Chala also learned the means to remove the spell on Denia. In the process, he established numerous important contacts among the mages of the town.

The Tomb (III)

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 26 August 1990
Game dates: 13 February 45–20 February 45

Characters: Aiveize, Angus, Anwar, Chala, Ember, Kunte, Raffio, Toad (NPC), Sedmira (NPC), Tnettes (NPC)

Aiveize killed while single-handedly fighting a large group of desert goblins.

The Tomb (IV)

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 27 August 1990 (?)
Game dates: 21 February 45–2 March 45

Characters: Chala, Ember, Homer, Kunte, Toad (NPC), Altos (NPC), Mennet (NPC)

Duergar Scum

DM: David Lieb

Real date: 10 September 1990
Game dates: 14 March 45–30 March 45

Characters: Kunte, Merrik, Ricardo

Kunte, Merrik, and Ricardo met while traveling north along the Mediterranean coast. A village of halfling fishermen was en- countered. It turned out that over the past few weeks halflings had been disappearing, apparently kidnapped by a bunch of dwarves living somewhere up north. The three heroes tracked them down, and managed to wipe out most of the duergar despite formidible opposition in the form of cleverly-laid ambushes and traps.

Capture in Asia Minor

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 28 October 1990
Game dates: 6 April 45–23 April 45

Characters: Homer, Ricardo, Homer the Roman (NPC), Nadar (NPC), Kal (NPC)

The adventurers were hired in Aegyptus and Syria to guard a small group in its travels north into Asia Minor, with the possibility of being kept on at an estate up there. Homer, the owner of the estate, is a slave trader who specializes in gladiators. The adventurers arrived safely, but were imprisoned the first night. The adventurers escaped, and over the next few days killed or captured most of their hirers. The owner of the estate escaped along with a few guards, leaving many treasures to be found in the estate.

Nighttime in Pergamum

DM: Matt Lewkowicz

Real date: 20 September 1990
Game dates: 16 April 45–22 April 45

Characters: Merrik, Grahm (NPC)

Merrik was approached by Grahm, a thief in the Pergamum guild, and hired to steal records from a prominent trader (and high-level mage) in town. The trader was getting rich by trading with the Far East, and a competitor wanted to know the details. After breaking in, Merrik encountered a guard and won the ensuing fight, and left the guard tied up and unconscious. The trading records were found and Merrik left, only to encounter the trader's apprentice and a few city guards. Merrik defeated them, also, and turned in the records to his client (who was subsequently mysteriously killed).

Asian Encounters (I)

DM: Matt Lewkowicz

Real date: 1 November 1990
Game dates: 26 April 45–25 May 45

Characters: Celise, Homer, Merrik, Roland, Starsearcher, Grahm (NPC)

The PCs met along a road in Asia Minor; quite by chance, they happened to reach the same point on the road while Merrik was being attacked by strange-looking men from (they later learned) the "Far Reaches" — the area east of the Empire. They banded together to track down the base of these unpleasant folk, which turned out to be in Ægyptus, near Clysma. Posing as allied merchants, the party inflitrated the base, finally attacking and killing the heads of the operation and (hopefully) stopping their operations in the Empire.

Celise reached 2nd level

Mistaken Identity

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 23 November 1990
Game dates: 7 May 45–9 May 45

Characters: Chala, Kunte, Thaënos (NPC), Eudokia (NPC), Umi (NPC)

Chala was arrested, mistakenly, as an escaped slave. After an overnight stay in jail, he was properly identified and released, but then he and Kunte proceeded to track down the real escaped slave: Thaënos, a member of Chala's own tribe. He was bought out of slavery, found to be an asshole, and released to terrorize the world.

The Tomb (V)

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 21 December 1990
Game dates: 10 May 45–20 May 45

Characters: Chala, Kunte, Adánakh (Tuareg guide) (NPC)

Characters re-entered tomb to explore the strange gemstone pillars in the caverns below. Nothing was accomplished; a very frustrating adventure.

The River

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 27 December 1990
Game dates: 22 May 45–21 June 45

Characters: Anwar, Chala, Kunte, Marius Tarn, Rakh, Andronicus (NPC), Kara (NPC)

Anwar and Marius were attacked while leaving a bar in Tanis, by three fierce men — one of whom wore a baboon-skin cloak and headdress. Kunte joined, and they solicited Chala's help in solving the riddle. Eventually, they learned the location of these men's temple — they worshipped a strange fire-god, Dubana — and headed up the Nile toward it. Before departing Tanis, Chala was approached by a woman (Kara) who asked him to carry a message to her brother Andronicus in Syene, on the way to the temple; he accepted. Thieves raided the boat on the fifth night upriver. In Syene, when the party found Andronicus, they were quickly challenged by Roman soldiers trying to arrest the whole lot of them (including Andronicus); they killed the soldiers and fled the town. Hiding in a cave with Andronicus, they recovered strength (with the help of a passing band of desert goblins!), then headed toward the temple. At the temple, they slaughtered what members of the cult were there, then visited the temples of Philae island, and returned to Syene. That night, the boat-owner turned Rakh in to the Romans (Rakh's tactics of intimidation had left the boat-owner quite resentful); Rakh was arrested and not heard from again. The rest of the party returned to Tanis.

Chala reached 3rd level

Alexandrian Short People

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 28 December 1990
Game dates: 2 June 45–4 June 45

Characters: Merrik

Merrik's introduction to Alexandria's Thieves' Guild. After finding an "in", he was assigned to catch a freelancer. Mission accomplished.

The Murder

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 5 January 1991
Game dates: 21 June 45–21 June 45

Characters: Geref, Myotoxa

In a bar, the players were approached by a man begging for help and apparently raving about "them" being after him. He died. (It was very sad.) Roman soldiers present were quick to seal the exits from the place, and equally quick to accuse the PCs of killing the man. Not until the actual assassin was discovered hiding out on the roof were the PCs cleared of any guilt.

Lights over Ounaira

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 20 January 1991
Game dates: 24 June 45–27 June 45

Characters: Celise, Geref, Myotoxa, N'galflanhab, Zayah (NPC)

N'galflanhab, Geref and Myotoxa met in a bar in Tanis. After introductions, conversation was interrupted by a noisy story going on at the bar, something about multi-colored flashing lights. The adventurers investigated, and found that these odd lights were appearing in a swamp about a half-day's travel away. They went there, met Celise and Zayah, and entered the swamp. They discovered an odd tower, above which were the flashing lights (and were not, after all, just hallucinations provoked by the favorite weed of the area). Inside the tower they encountered a man, apparently the "caretaker". He explained that the lights were actually daemons imprisoned in a crystal web, and that the characters would not be allowed to leave. Myotoxa crisped him, and the characters exited.

The Chase

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 14 October 1990
Game dates: 28 June 45–10 July 45

Characters: Gilthan, Maura

The characters had been chased by Roman soldiers for 17 days and had just evaded them. Tired and hungry, they rested for a day. Traveling south, they found a cabin in a clearing. Investigating, they discovered that it was the home of a huge, badger-like, shapechanging creature. After a day or two of hit-and-run tactics, they defeated it. They continued their travel south to the Roman outpost of Turicum, where they stole clothes so they wouldn't be recognized. The end.


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 18 June 1991
Game dates: 4 July 45–26 July 45

Characters: Merrik

Merrik decided to investigate the windowless upper stories of a building in Alexandria. Breaking in through the tile roof, he found himself in an expansive dungeon-like area. Haunted throughout by mysterious shadows and elusive glowing red eyes, he eventually found his way to a device which enabled him to teleport out of this dungeon and into a back alley in the center of Alexandria. Oh, and he beat up on the wolf-like owner of the red eyes as well, but the beast was not slain.

The Ionian Temple

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 23 March 1991
Game dates: 7 July 45–9 September 45

Characters: Chala, Homer, Kunte

Chala, wishing to join the Assembly of Maia, was assigned a task: to explore a lost Ionian temple in the south of Gaul, near Massilia. He brought Kunte with him, and the two of them encountered Homer at a wine festival in Massilia upon their arrival there.

(finished 27 May 1991)

The temple ruins, now the lair of a group of gnolls, contained a pillar inscribed with magical formulae which the party copied.

Troll Trouble

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 23 December 1990 (24)
Game dates: 11 July 45–26 July 45

Characters: Gilthan, Homer, Jannes, Maura, Raffio

The characters were hired by officials in a small town, Hayyé, in the alps to rid the town of some nasty menace that was causing disapperances. They discovered a small building by a lakeside, with water-filled passages below. Exploring this, they found no trace of any large-footed monster, but did eventually find the culprit — a scrag — during a rainstorm, in the river running down to the lake. It was defeated and the characters were paid.

Vanishing Acts

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 25 February 1991
Game dates: 27 July 45–11 August 45

Characters: Gilthan, Homer, Maura

During a party celebrating the defeat of the scrag the party discovered a plan to sacrifice Homer to Galadan, a god of fate worshipped by the town of Hayyé. A few moments after this discovery a member of a supply train bound for Hayyé ran into the village yelling about being ambushed. Homer was given a reprieve, and the characters were hired to find the raiders. They found the trail but soon attacked/were attacked by a group of mountain orcs. They defeated the group, although Homer was knocked unconscious. Continuing on the raiders' trail they found it led back to Hayyé. Homer woke up in the inn, discovered he was back in the town that had sentenced him to death, told Gilthan and Maura what he thought of them, stole a mule, and left for greener pastures. Gilthan and Maura wanted to find out why the People In Charge were so anti-them, so they searched a house while the owners were sleeping and managed to wake them up. After a running battle with 20 or so miners, Gilthan and Maura barely escaped with their lives.

Gilthan reached 2nd level in thieving.

Jannes Gets Scrod

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 22 March 1991
Game dates: 27 July 45–5 August 45

Characters: Jannes, Khûl (NPC), Poyalmora (NPC), Ellen (NPC), Shar (NPC), Runtak (NPC), Kala (NPC), Garn (dead) (NPC)

During the festivities in Hayyé, Jannes was led to a small hut by an attractive woman (Poyalmora), where he found himself staring down the shaft of an arrow, nocked and drawn in the hands of a dwarf (Runtak). He was captured by these two and their companions, and told he was to be sold into slavery in Turicum. During the several days' journey to Turicum, however, he managed to win the friendship and trust of Ellen, one of the members of the band — and once a ranger. Together, they plotted to disband the gang of thieves, and the opportunity came with the attack of a number of mountain orcs, which left two bandits unconscious and Jannes a member of the group! Shortly, Jannes had challenged Kala and defeated him, leaving only two members of the band conscious (excepting Ellen and Jannes). Khûl was abandoned to the wilderness with an unconscious Poyalmora, Shar was left away from the camp to fend for himself, and Runtak was persuaded to follow Ellen and Jannes to Aventicum.

Ogre, She's Gone

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 20 July 1991
Game dates: 10 August 45–26 August 45

Characters: Bob, Fillard, Jannes, Maura, Zoah, Ant (NPC), Ellen (NPC), Aelius (NPC)

As Jannes, Ellen, and Runtak were nearing Aventicum (see Jannes Gets Scrod), they were attacked by a group of 8 marauding ogres, who carried off Runtak and Ellen while Jannes bravely hid. Assuming they were dead and planning revenge for a later date, Jannes reached Aventicum and drowned his sorrows in bad beer for a few days, until meeting up with Maura and the rest. The other PCs were quickly persuaded to join an ogre-hunting mission, which amounted in the end to two quick raids upon the ogres' lair, the second one succeeding in rescuing Ellen and two other captives (Runtak had, alas, been eaten). Fillard was slain in single combat with two ogres, whom she killed as well.

Jannes reached fourth level.

Jannes, Maura, Zoah, Ellen, and Aelius began making plans to start up a wayside inn to use as a base of operations.

The Paper Chase

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 20 February 1993
Game dates: 12 August 45–22 August 45

Characters: Gilthan, Fomar (NPC), Ebelius (NPC), Lazzenar (NPC)

After arriving from his harrowing experience in Hayyé (see Vanishing Acts) Gilthan spent a couple of days recovering and resupplying himself in Turicum. Toward the end of the second day, he learned that a scroll shop had been robbed. The owner, Fomar, hired him to recover the scrolls, one of which was an ancient fragment of a history of the elvish-dwarven relations from their Golden Age covering a few months of skirmishes and political maneuverings.

After spreading a rumor that the thieves had not acquired everything (luring them into a second attempt), Gilthan followed them back to their inn. The next day he followed them to Augusta Vindeloricum (a day-and-a-half trip). The night he arrived he alerted the thieves' guild that he was going to be operating in the town, and payed a hefty fee.

Through the help of stableboys Gilthan learned which inn (and which room) the thieves were staying in (probably leading at least one boy into a life of swindling).

After the shop in Augusta Vindeloricum was robbed, Gilthan eavesdropped outside the thieves' room, learning that they were looking for a particular scroll written by a long-dead elf warrior. He confronted the thieves (Lazzenar and Ebelius by name), and after a quick exchange of insults the thieves left. That night Gilthan anticipated an attack and managed to take a pot-shot at Lazzenar as he was climbing into Gilthan's window. Gilthan took the opportunity to go to their room and found the missing scrolls scattered on the floor, along with a locked metal box. He took everything and exited the room just as Laz and Ebelius were trying to enter (he had propped a chair against the door). He left the scrolls in some shrubbery and buried the chest in a farmer's field while a search party was after him (the tracker completely missed Gilthan's trail).

The next day the scrolls were returned to the shop owner, and Gilthan recovered the box. He chiseled it open and discovered the missing scroll, plus two other scrolls in a language he hadn't seen before.

He returned to Turicum and started to copy the elvish scroll, but discovered that it was magical when words started to fade in and out. He promptly stole it and left town, heading to the north to consult with elvish scholars.

Arrow Quest I

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 27 July 1991
Game dates: 31 August 45–10 September 45

Characters: Bob, Jannes, Layla, Maura, Quintus Trump, Thewyln, Zoah

Maura was very interested in the source and powers of the arrow found among the ogres' treasure (Ogre, She's Gone). Seeking out a bard with some knowledge of such things, the PCs found Erin in Augusta Prætoria's Battered Lyre. Erin related two rather different versions of a legend concerning Nertamarus Larinnen, an ancient Celtic hero or villain, and Nemira — his jilted lover or vengeful pursuer. The legends suggested that their tomb and/or treasure horde could be found in the alps, under a mountain with no snow, at the end of a shimmering trail. So off in that direction the party headed . . . .

Tangrams From Hell

DM: Ben Steiger

Real date: 3 August 1991
Game dates: 1 September 45–1 September 45

Characters: Denis, Firo, Hal, Misha, Romulus, Tevza

The PCs were summoned from around Rome and the Empire by one Grath, who wanted them to recover some magical items stolen by a rival, Elig. They went to the indicated location, found the items and Elig, but became locked in a stalemate when Elig presented his version of the story. Unsure of whom to trust in this very ambiguous situation, at least Tevza, Hal, Denis, and Misha (and possibly all the other PCs as well) left the magical items and walked away from the whole deal.

Layover in Massilia

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 27 May 1991
Game dates: 9 September 45–24 September 45

Characters: Chala, Homer, Kunte, Grenali (NPC), Kennros (NPC)

Upon their return from the Ionian temple, the group was faced with three days of time to kill in Massilia. They took vague interest in the events of the day, which included the kidnap of a Roman official en route from the capital to Massilia. They befriended Grenali, an inquisitive and cheery woman, and made their way back to Alexandria.

Characters arrived in Alexandria on 20 October 45.

Arrow Quest II

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 20 August 1991
Game dates: 10 September 45–14 September 45

Characters: Jannes, Maura, Quintus Trump, Thewyln, Zak, Zoah

Heading upriver, the PCs encountered Zak — a dwarven priest of middle age — who invited them in for lunch with his family (much to his sister's annoyance). In the dwarf warrens, they spoke to Hem, an extremely old dwarf woman, who provided some collaboration of the stories of Nertamarus and "the bimbo," as well as pointing them to the location of the caves.

Farther upriver, Zak, now a member of the party, the PCs found a cave entrance and explored. Upon opening a door to stairs leading below, they heard a piercing shriek — and the session ended.

Arrow Quest III

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 26 August 1991
Game dates: 14 September 45–29 September 45

Characters: Caliban, Jannes, Layla, Maura, Quintus Trump, Thewyln, Zak, Zoah

Exploring the cave further, the PCs found themselves in what apparently once served as a home for a tribe of mountain orcs. As they explored, they continued to hear sounds of other occupation, but found no life. Finally, they ran across a female mountain orc possessed of impressive magical power (impressive not least in the very fact of its existence!), and learned that her tribe had had a similar experience to theirs: a piece of Nemira's bow had fallen into their hands, and dreams had come to their seers, so a party from that tribe was likewise on its way to these caves!

Eventually, the PCs found their way to the resting-place of Nertamarus and Nemira. A huge, orange guardian dæmon was there, sitting atop a pile of treasure, and quite possessive about the wealth. Maura slew it with Nemira's arrow, just as it torched him, Thewyln, and Quintus with its fiery breath. Entering the rooms behind it, Zoah found Nemira's haunt, who took over her body and used it to smash a crystal sphere which apparently held Nertamarus' spirit — and both spirits were (perhaps) sent on to their final rest.

Leaving the area, Jannes and Maura became engaged in an arrow- slinging match against the expedition of mountain orcs. One escaped, presumably with the bow fragment. Nemira's sword, broken in two, was also found among the treasure.

Trio of Troubles

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 15 August 1992
Game dates: 16 September 45–17 September 45

Characters: Blaine, Dras, Raffio, ShadowDancer, Starsearcher, Demnos (NPC), Khûl (NPC), Poyalmora (NPC), Belak (NPC), Chak (NPC), Og (NPC)

The party met in Augusta Praetoria, each with a different purpose, but centered on one thing: traveling caravans were being raided. They spent the evening feeling each other out, learning only that Demnos, the leader of a small caravan which Starsearcher was guarding, was a spellcaster, and that there was a big muddle about who was doing the raiding.

After a whole lot of politicking, the party settled in for the night, but not before Starsearcher had tripped an Alarm spell set by Demnos on his cart (which contained illegal swords destined for Dras' elvish tribe). Raffio, working for Khûl and Poyalmora and convinced that the cart was bound for a Roman legion, snuck into the woods that night and set up an ambush for the group the next day.

At the ambush site, Raffio held his sword to Demnos' throat while Khûl, disguised as a half-orc, Poyalmora, and a cloaked figure held the party at arrow-point. After the characters dropped their weapons Khûl and the gang attacked and were soon defeated, although Demnos died as well. Realizing his deed, Raffio knew he must cleanse his soul before continuing with his life as a Ranger by clearing the area around Augusta Praetoria of orcs.

Raffio, Starsearcher and Shadowdancer went south to try to resurrect Demnos but failed. Blaine got together with Poyalmora. Dras went north with Belak, the mastermind of the sword-running, to his tribe and got rid of the swords, and then returned to Augusta Praetoria.


DM: Keith Baker

Real date: 21 August 1991 (25)
Game dates: 21 September 45

Characters: Graieth, Hal, Lamar, Wyredd

Each motivated by a separate curse which, they were told, could be removed by the renowned priest Galeóin, the PCs joined together by chance and journeyed to Fallhill, where the priest lived. They found the town under a dark cloud of evil (quite literally), under the governance of a brigand called Fergus, with Galeóin nowhere to be seen. The PCs infiltrated Galeóin's tower, where Fergus was living, and found the priest catatonic and nearly starved, apparently under the ego-crushing influence of a demonic being in the shape of a raven. The demon was killed by Hal's expert dart-throwing, and Galeóin slowly shook its evil influence. Escaping through the window just as Fergus' men began breaking down the door, the PCs retreated to the town where, with the help of the townsfolk, they drove off the bandits.

In the basement of the tower, the PCs then discovered "the binding", a remnant of the powerful evil which Galeóin had defeated some fifty years ago, apparently re-exerting its fell power. They also found the Threk, a race of misshapen dwarf-like people who had been subjugated by the evil warlock of 50 years past, and nearly obliterated by Galeóin and the people of Fallhill.

Into all this mess was added the prince, Furdia, who resented Galeóin's control of this small area and wanted it for himself, who tried (with quite some success) to poison the PCs, and led them on a wild goose chase to try to prevent his poisoning his father.

Upon returning from this unsuccessful errand, the PCs found the cloud returned and the healer, Corban — actually the warlock — back in power, with demonic gargoyles all around and general nastiness going on. They charged into the tower, slew several of these demons, and finally killed Corban himself, with Wyredd in quite a berserk state. The evil was dispelled, the binding rendered ineffective, and all back to normal in Fallhill.

Killing the Orcs

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 27 August 1992
Game dates: 24 September 45–29 September 45

Characters: Dras, Raffio, Starsearcher

Trying to cleanse the guilt of his treachery in Trio of Troubles, Raffio decided he must obliterate the orcs with which Khûl and Poyalmora were collaborating. Starsearcher, intrigued by this character, helped, as did Dras (for reasons he alone knows).

Among other things, the PCs found some indication that there were drow involved in all this mess.

Image Problems

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 17 April 1992
Game dates: 4 October 45–11 October 45

Characters: Jannes, Evarinius the Orator (NPC), Maracia (NPC)

Up around Turicum(?), Jannes witnessed a strange death: a barbarian screamed, bloodied, and a spider jumped out of his cloak and crawled away. Jannes searched the man's body and fled from the guard on the man's own horse. Among his possessions was a letter from one Evarinius the Orator, and a letter of recommendation from the same allowing the bearer, Gordon the Barbarian, to stay in some nice inns along the way to Rome. Jannes decided to impersonate this "educated barbarian" as far as the orator's house, then see what he could learn of the situation. He ended up staying with the orator and becoming apprenticed to his wife, Maracia, in the study of illusionary magic. He sent word to Maura that he would not be returning north for some time, then headed to Alexandria (at Maracia's bidding) to do some research in the famous library concerning a long-dead illusionist in North Africa. Apparently there'd been some magical stirrings around Carthage recently. . . .

Rats in the Baths

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 17 June 1991
Game dates: 21 October 45–22 October 45

Characters: Celsus, Galek, Kunte

After meeting in one of Alexandria's finer bath-houses, the PCs heard rumors that four cleaning-slaves had disappeared from the baths over the past 2 months. They offered their services to the proprietor of the place, and that night found an area of underground tunnels beneath the bathhouse, which turned out to be the lair of a wererat and a few giant rats besides. The creatures were vanquished, and the proprietor greatly offended when the PCs offered a human head as the solution to his problem. Penis.

Hunting Kloug

DM: Matt Lewkowicz

Real date: 19 June 1991
Game dates: 22 October 45–15 November 45

Characters: Celsus, Galek, Homer, Merrik, Riga, Shutai (NPC), Ghram (NPC), Kloug (NPC)

The adventurers were hired by Shutai, a henchman of Ghram, to help Ghram in his endeavors against Kloug (see "Nighttime in Pergamum"). The group was harassed from the moment they entered Pergamum by Kloug and Co., who seemed to have most of the town (or at least the shady side thereof) awed. They had also raided Ghram's shop. Shutai was kidnapped in a foggy nighttime raid, and the characters were left with no concrete plan about how to contact Ghram.


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 14 July 1991 (17)
Game dates: 25 October 45–12 December 45

Characters: Buj, Chala, Claudius, Dour, Gwirthlyne, Kunte, Grenali, Andronicus, Attanya, Gallius, Virinius (NPC)

Grenali found Kunte in Tanis and told him and Chala that the Roman authorities were looking for them (and Homer) in connection with the abduction of the Roman official in Massilia (see Layover in Massilia). She said that she knew where the real culprits were — in Sardis — and that were they to go there with her they could apprehend the criminals, free the official, and make a hefty sum of money at the same time, meanwhile avoiding any Roman pursuit in Ægyptus. So the group — accompanied by hangers-on — trudged their way up to Sardis, pursued by Gallius and Virinius (and later Attanya), who were interested in finding Andronicus.

Grenali's real mission, then, was to find Kara's brother Andronicus in Sardis, since Kara was in trouble in Massilia.

When the group (minus Claudius and Gwirthlyne, who remained in Laranda to help the soldiers there deal with a woodland disturbance) reached Sardis, they quickly found Andronicus, who explained to the PCs what was really going on (while Grenali hid from them) and offered to get them back to Ægyptus on a boat — an offer they gladly accepted. Virinius and Gallius confronted the lot, trying to kill Andronicus, but failed thanks to the party's mages. Gallius escaped but Virinius was killed.

Grenali and Andronicus headed to Massilia, while the PCs and Attanya returned to Tanis, arriving on 12 December.

Buj reached second level.

A Night With Chevrinius

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 27 September 1992
Game dates: 10 November 45–11 November 45

Characters: Evric, Jannes, Marr'n, Chevrinius, Nivrius, Thelia, Avric (NPC)

The PCs met in a roadside tavern — they were kind of drawn to each other. Jannes met Chevrinius, a local nobleman, and his retinue, but was less than impressed. Chevrinius invited him to a night of "gaming" at his house that night. It was only later that he and the others learned (from Avric, the depressed miller) that this "nobleman" was impressing local folk into slavery. So they planned to cause some disruption at this party.

Basically, the disruption consisted of dancing tables (provided by Marr'n) and a glowing, fiery figure pointing to glowing words in the sky that read, " . . . " — I forget what they read. But Chevrinius, the clever toad, seems to have been an illusionist himself, and added words to Jannes', keeping his name clean. Damn.

Face Value

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 27 March 1993 (28)
Game dates: 12 November 45–16 November 45

Characters: Jannes, Nik, ShadowDancer, Thewyln, Plurius, Ant (NPC)

Cloak and Dagger

DM: Matt Lewkowicz

Real date: 22 June 1991
Game dates: 15 November 45–22 November 45

Characters: Celsus, Galek, Gyros, Merrik, Riga

Left with few options, the group explored Ghram's gemshop and found a note to Merrik explaining that he and his companions should retrieve a cloak and a dagger of particular significance from a mountain cave to the east. They went there, defeated a band of outlaws protecting the route, as well as a couple of hell hounds inside the cave, and recovered the items.

Killing Rakman

DM: Matt Lewkowicz

Real date: 25 June 1991
Game dates: 22 November 45–30 November 45

Characters: Celsus, Gyros, Merrik, Riga, Worf, Ghram (NPC), Shutai (NPC), Raktor (NPC), Rakman (NPC)

En route back to Pergamum with the cloak and dagger, the adventurers were ambushed by a group of men led by Rakman, Kloug's right-hand man whom Merrik had encountered a few months before. The adventurers were imprisoned and were to be used as practice dummies by some new recruits of Rakman's. Ghram, Shutai, and Raktor arrived at night and freed the adventurers, as well as a somewhat mysterious man called Worf. After searching the stronghold, the group attacked and killed Rakman.

Merrik reached 5th level.


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 17 August 1991
Game dates: 15 December 45–28 December 45

Characters: Buj, Dour, Galek, K'ssansk, N'galflanhab, Issmayah (NPC)

Buj, Dour, and Galek arrived in Tanis from Asia on 12 December. N'galflanhab and K'ssansk were already there. On 15 December, an agitated pixie flew into town, visible and glowing brightly, but apparently from a tribe that was unable to communicate in any human language. The diminutive visitor attracted much attention in Tanis, not all of it positive, until N'galflanhab tried to intervene. The pixie led the gnome out of the city, and the other PCs (having nothing better to do) followed. After a nice luncheon with a small group of Bedouin, the PCs arrived at a pixie grove around nightfall. There, in a clearing amid a small stand of trees lay a short human-like being, severely wounded. As it turned out, this woman — Issmayah — was an accidental tourist from an alternate Prime Material Plane.

The PCs bravely volunteered to accompany Issmayah into the Ægyptian desert, where she believed she might be able to find a gateway leading to her home plane. After a few days of trekking in the desert, the group encountered some hattí who (after a good deal of mutual annoyance) steered the party in the right direction.

Coming to the gate, the PCs eventually determined how to activate it and attune it to the right plane, and Issmayah returned home — with N'galflanhab and Buj! (12/24)

The other three PCs returned to Cynopolis (slaying two ogres on the way), where they ended, 28 December.

Murphy's Law

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 21 December 1991 (26)
Game dates: 18 December 45–30 December 45

Characters: Merrik, Tomnar (NPC), Tolla (NPC), Ianka (NPC), Fenne (NPC), Benna (NPC), Emni (NPC), Astorius (NPC), et al.

In the process of establishing himself in Alexandria more firmly, Merrik was introduced to a bit of the local "color" — a brightly-dressed man who was a total mystery to everyone in the neighborhood. He was obviously rather wealthy, but no one knew the source of his wealth — or even where he lived.

Merrik determined to find out, and got entangled in more than he bargained for. It turned out that this man, known to Merrik only by the made-up name Doctrinus, was a powerful psionicist involved in an illegal slave trade based on kidnapping. After infiltrating his house twice and beating him to within an inch of his life twice, Merrik finally discovered three captives in the basement, killed "Doctrinus," and did important work for the guild in breaking up the slave trade. Merrik also established a locksmith's shop in Rhakotis, and strengthened many contacts within and outside the local guild.

A Keen Interest

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 28 August 1991
Game dates: 10 January 46–16 January 46

Characters: Chala, Galek, Marius Tarn, Tuina (NPC)

The three PCs happened to be in the same place — outside Tuina's apartment — when they heard a scream and explosion from inside. Rushing to her aid, they found her in mortal combat with a strange undead creature — tall and gaunt, with an animal-like head and scythe-like claws. Defeating it at no small personal cost, Tuina explained: She had been meditating, and experienced a vision in which she entered an ancient temple. The priest in the temple turned into this undead being (a keener), which then materialized in her room.

The PCs, after receiving some healing from Xanthos, set off to find this temple. They did — buried under a hundred feet of sand in the desert east of Heliopolis. Exploring the place, they found several undead creatures, including another keener, and defeated a humanoid shadow-like being. They escaped the temple via a shimmering silvery ladder, just as the sand above it collapsed to fill it.

Galek reached second level.

More Ogre Troubles

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 19 June 1993
Game dates: 14 January 46–21 January 46

Characters: Etsitiali, Novak, Twizzler

Twizzler was knocked unconscious when she and a group of friends started playfully tossing pinecones at a group of bandits who were better-equipped than expected. She awoke to find Novak and Etsitiali poking around the site of the bandits' camp, and the three eventually joined forces to track down the big half-ogre leader of the band. They followed the group's trail and found their cavern hideout, but Etsitiali was disabled by the guard dogs therein, and the party made a detour to the nearby town of Vasio. A healer and herbalist helped Etsitiali recover, and the party returned to the hideout, killing two of the three bandits plus their half-ogre leader. (The third bandit fled in fear from Etsitiali, who had grown the jaws and arms of a carnivorous ape.) A letter was found in the half-ogre's cave, however, indicating that he was in the employ of someone in Vasio. Twizzler showed no interest in this fact, but the other PCs may yet pursue it . . . .


DM: Mark Lawrence

Real date: 10 July 1993
Game dates: 15 January 46–21 January 46

Characters: Baruch, Hannah

Baruch and Hannah independently stumbled upon a tiny hamlet in Syria whose inhabitants had been massacred. Hannah had had a dream of such an event, followed by a vision of a black gemstone emanating blue light. In the hamlet, the PCs found that "stone" — a dark-skinned little girl with striking blue eyes and substantial wild psionic talent.

The PCs found tracks leading north from the hamlet, and followed them to a tent where the three culprits, an expedition from an Arabian tribe, were camped, arguing about their course of action. It turned out they were looking for the girl.

Returning to a nearby town (via another decimated hamlet), Baruch and Hannah raised a militia of ten men to help bring the brigands to justice. The battle was short and sweet, with no serious casualties on the side of right, and the criminals were brought back to town to face justice.

The priest who led the group had himself had a vision, in which the girl grows up to become a great leader of the forces of good, who would be the downfall of their evil tribe.

Baruch and Hannah, falling in love, took the girl and headed northwards to keep her safe from any more expeditions the tribe might send.

Bugs in the Desert

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 5 January 1992 (6)
Game dates: 16 January 46–13 February 46

Characters: Chala, Marius Tarn, Misha, Mekkart (NPC)

The PCs learned that a tribe of desert barbarians was taking over an Egyptian town to the west of Alexandria. Apparently, they'd been pushed from their territory by some other menace. Going to investigate, they learned that this other menace was the thri-kreen, humanoid insect-creatures that are constant foes of the desert barbarians. Something, however, must have caused the thri-kreen's expansion, so the PCs set off (with Mekkart, a priest from the barbarian tribe) to learn what that might be.

That turned out to be Grrnekkt, a dragonne who'd just settled in the area. Somehow, the PCs managed not to become his next meal, and — more amazing stories — persuaded him to leave the area! The thri-kreen moved back to their lands, the barbarians to theirs, and everyone was pleased.

Embracing Death

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 4 January 1992
Game dates: 17 January 46–24 February 46

Characters: Celsus, Denis, Galek, K'ssansk

(Celsus and Galek did not start until 28 January 46.)

Embalmer with an Axe

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 13 October 1991
Game dates: 18 January 46–23 January 46 (?)

Characters: Celsus, Galek, Geref, Rasha (NPC)

After losing a hearty boxing match with a certain Rasha, Celsus and the others heard about killings and disappearances over in the bad part of the town. These disappearences happened to be near the exit to a tunnel connected with a bath which the adventurers had worked for a few months back (see Rats in the Baths). They investigated and heard odd rumors about "the skinniest guy you ever saw" and other believable things from the locals.

Meanwhile, Rasha was becoming a good friend of the adventurers. His apartment was only a few blocks from the events, and it turned out that he was investigating them as well. The group found him dead and, through more questioning of the natives, were led to believe that a nearby embalmer, Axot, was responsible. They investigated, and sure enough the embalmer was a priest of Set, raising the dead for his own foul purposes. After defeating several skeletons and zombies, the party was attacked by the axe-wielding embalmer himself, whom they also killed.

The party went to the local temple of Isis, and Rasha was raised by the chief priest.

Earth and Fire

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 12 January 1992
Game dates: 27 January 46–30 January 46

Characters: Bin, Geref, Gott

A party of three priests! What a DM's luxury!

Each of the three had a reason for being concerned about the situation. The situation was, there was a rash of problems in the town of Canopus — fields being burned, nets being cut. A superstitious populace was quick to lay the blame on the local cult of Dennari. Bin, then, was sent by his mentor to help the community of Dennari's followers through this mess. Geref heard about crops being destroyed and so went to investigate. Gott was a local priest of Bes in Canopus, and so the problems were more personal to him: a parishioner and close friend had his nets cut, but was hesitant to blame Dennari, since he was also close friends with the leader of that cult in the town!

So the PCs joined forces (though it could have made a good freestyle!) to investigate the situation. After questioning oodles of people, the PCs found ruins of an old sewer complex underground. Despite some strange behavior on Gott's part (some kind of curse which was lifted), the party eventually traced the wrongdoing to another cult in town, the cult of Dubana, with some influential leaders in the village. These leaders were defeated in combat and brought to justice, and the PCs were rewarded for their help.

Geref reached second level.


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 20 May 1992 (21)
Game dates: 7 February 46–12 February 46

Characters: Aklala, Arna-Thys, Caraben, Charnal, Spetum, Kilzar (NPC), Lucius Endris (NPC), Temmis (NPC)

While the PCs were attending a religious festival in Massilia, they ended up in a tavern when a man screamed from a back room. (Aklala and Caraben were in the tavern across the street, but got in on the action the next morning.) The man, one Axius Memrités, was found collapsed over a piece of parchment on which he had been writing a translation of a strange script written on a pottery shard. His life was saved, but he remained in a delirious state.

The PCs began investigating the situation. They learned that the man's wine was not poisoned, and so determined that his injury must have been caused by the pottery fragment. Their interests were piqued when they learned that an elf came looking for the man the morning after this strange event. Not long after, a strange dwarf tried to steal the potsherd from the PCs, but he was captured and stuck around to negotiate.

In the meantime, word broke that an illegal shipment of swords had been confiscated at the city's docks. And soon thereafter, another scholar came looking for his friend Axius. To twist the plot further, the confiscated swords were stolen from the Roman warehouse. The PCs had their hands full trying to investigate all this at once — and to top it all off, it seems they were being investigated themselves — (if I remember correctly) Aklala and Caraben found themselves being tailed by the same elf who was looking for Axius.

At last the PCs untangled at least some of the many twisted threads: they attended a meeting of the Scholars of Isis in Narbonensis (the group to which Axius and his friend Lucius belonged) and found it to be a subversive group, bordering on revolutionary. The dwarf Kilzar was also there, considering the possibility of joining the forces of his religion with this group of humans. (I think) the elf Temmis, himself a German revolutionary, also attended. But the swords (which the scholars had intended to deliver to the elves) were never found!


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 27 September 1992
Game dates: 14 February 46–22 February 46

Characters: Merrik, Tomnar (NPC), Maxinos (NPC), Ianka (NPC)

Racist Priest

DM: Mark Lawrence

Real date: 22 May 1993
Game dates: 1 March 46–3 March 46

Characters: Celsus, Evric, Gaea, Nakelan, ShadowDancer, Kalen, Arianna (NPC)

The Wine Case

DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 14 March 1993
Game dates: 11 March 46–15 March 46

Characters: Galek, Naphur, Pharacos, Brak, Belak, Estela (NPC)

Galek somehow convinced himself to board another boat, this time bound for Alexandria from Carthage. The dwarf was going there to pick up a few companions for the upcoming Axe expedition to Thracia (see Embracing Death). While on the boat he met Naphur, a halfling returning to Alexandria after delivering a scroll from the thieves’ guild to a contact in Carthage.

During a layover in a fairly small port, some of the ship’s cargo (mostly wine from Italy) was dropped off so that it could be delivered to a town a day’s travel south. The two short folk spent the evening drinking, gambling, and gossiping.

When the characters awoke (alas, in the very early morning) they were informed that the ship’s captain, Brak, had been killed when he interrupted the looting of his wine in a warehouse. The first mate, Belak, was infuriated, and delayed the departure of the ship until the perpetrators were found and brought to justice.

Naphur and Galek decided to help out, and started by investigating the two black-bandannaed people they had noticed drinking the night before, and found out that they worked for a man named Pharacos. Pharacos, they discovered, was a part-time trader. They spent the afternoon looking for his house. After some omniscient nudging from a certain superbeing, they waited until night to try to enter. They managed to get in the back door, Galek providing a little noisy thought–power to get past the lock and bar. Exploring the house, they found an art-filled room, most of the pieces being too big to carry easily. They managed to slip away with some nice daggers and jade fertility goddesses, however. They also overheard bits of a conversation between Pharacos and his current Significant Other, Estela. They were talking about their plans to depart with the wine the next day.

They went back to the ship and the next day told Belak what they had learned. He asked the PCs to accompany him on his mission of revenge.

They set out after noon, planning to stay just ahead of Pharacos and company. They camped after sundown and retraced their steps, finding the other group (Pharacos, Estela, and 3 guards) camped only an hour away. After a bitter but successful battle in which Naphur was incapacitated, the party delivered the wine, sold Pharacos' horses, spent about 600sp reviving Naphur, and returned to the ship.

Accepting The Bargain

DM: David Silbey

Real date: 9 January 1994
Game dates: 14 March 46–15 March 46

Characters: Nakelan, Nik, Rand al'Thor, Quintus Rambus (NPC), Carius Rolus (NPC), Iuvus Sentarus Iaines (NPC), Meretherian (NPC), Tantarus Grim (NPC), Mellius Grim (NPC), Scarlet Jack (NPC), Beart (NPC)

The three PCs wandered south to the town of Insara, in southeastern Gallia. As they arrived, late in the evening, they heard a scream and discovered a gutted and crucified body in the center intersection. The body was quickly carried away by Quintus Rambus (the innkeeper) and friends. Staying the night at the Inn, they talked with Rambus and with the senior Centurion of the Roman garrison, Iuvius Sentarus Iaines. Things got messy the next day when, during a heavy fog, they encountered a mysterious, glowing-eyed figure which fled and left behind the dead body of a legionary. The junior Centurion, Rolus, suspected Nik and Rand of killing the man and locked them up. Iaines freed them and they went back to the Inn. As Rand was returning from the bathhouse, the figure attacked him and cut him up badly. Nakelan managed to frighten the figure off but also fell prey to the terror generated by the attacker (several times). They found Rambus gutted and staked to one of the Inn's walls. Nik and Nakelan carried the unconscious Rand to their room and went out to search for the figure. They heard it circling the Roman camp and chased it. It went back to the Inn and tried to attack Rand again, but he managed to get out the window, though in his terror he slipped, fell, and was knocked unconscious again. Nakelan came up behind and killed the creature, which turned out to be Scarlet Jack, the bard, with some sort of magical weapon which acted to regenerate him. Nakelan carried the dead body over to the Roman camp, but the legionarys ran in terror and only Rolus (who had just locked up Iaines) was unaffected. Rolus grabbed the knife and was transfixed, yelling, "I ACCEPT THE BARGAIN." In the process, the clothes dropped from him and it could be seen that his penis and testicles were gone. He then attacked Nakelan, who fled in terror. Nik, returning from her own craven flight, managed to withstand his assault and kill him and the PCs sighed with some relief. The next day they took the knife over to the blacksmith's (Tantarus Grim), intent on destroying it, but were intercepted by Mellius Grim. She took the knife, but said, as she held it, "No, I don't accept the bargain." Giving the knife back to the PCs, she suggested destroying it as quickly as possible. Nakelan then decided to take it to the priests of his clan and find out exactly what it was and then destroy it.

Asian Axe (Avera)

DM: Matt Lewkowicz

Real date: 5 June 1993 (-6)
Game dates: 18 March 46–5 April 46

Characters: Evric, Gaea, Galek, Jannes, Merrik, Thewyln

Armenian Axe (Jilla)

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 17 March 1992 (19-20)
Game dates: 21 March 46–24 April 46

Characters: Chala, Denis, Kunte, Misha, Kellnis (NPC), Fraznyam (NPC), Demma (NPC), Necrin (NPC), Estéliar (NPC), Enduia (NPC), Farkain (NPC), Ovzim (NPC), Kilvor (NPC), Morain (NPC)

(Part 2, from Embracing Death)

Celsus, Denis, Galek, and K'ssansk agreed to split up, sending one person to each of the four sites of axes. Denis was sent to Armenia, by way of Alexandria, where he found Galek's friends Chala and Kunte and their associate Misha. So these four set out to Armenia.

Kellnis, a Iberian bard in Zeugma, suggested they head toward Melitene, and they did, then across the Euphrates to Tomisa. There they discovered that the town was suffering from a rash of mysterious deaths, which some, including the prophet Fraznyam, were blaming on the half-elf entertainer Demma. The PCs met with Demma, who related an Armenian legend of a huge, evil man with a big black axe — whom the locals claimed was Angra Mainyu, the evil god of their religion, incarnate.

Soon the PCs moved on to the east, wandering in a minotaur's maze and slaying its inhabitant along the way. They camped in the Barrows just west of Deadtooth mountain — the presumed location of the axe and its owner's tomb — where they were attacked by swordwraiths. The next day they met some elves in the woods, who healed them and cared for them for a while.

The next few days involved the frustration of dealing with the dwarves who now inhabit Deadtooth mountain. Insults were exchanged at the front gates of the stronghold, so it was fully three days before the lieutenant of the stronghold, Farkain, admitted them — in order to manipulate them to his own ends, it turned out. The dwarves were in the midst of a civil war which began three months ago when another lieutenant had discovered the ancient tomb below the stronghold — and the big, black axe of legend. He declared himself king, and the civil war began. Farkain turned the PCs' minds against this Ovzim, and sent them down to win the axe from him, which they did (with admirable restraint in attacking the rebel dwarves). Upon returning to the upper levels, however, they were met by Farkain who demanded that they turn over the axe to him. They did so, and went to stay with the elves again.

The elves, it turned out, had their own problems — a strange poisonous mushroom had appeared in the forest, and was contaminating much of the elves' food. The PCs investigated, and found that the fungi had spread from a small mound in the southern end of the forest, a mound which was the ancient burial site of Diëllina, the elves' first leader, who had been possessed by an evil spirit when the elves first came to this forest. The PCs killed the reanimated and evil Diëllina, burned her and scattered her ashes — and the fungi quickly disappeared.

After a day or two with the elves, a dwarf whom Chala had charmed on an earlier attempt to enter the stronghold, Morain, came to the forest in search of him. The war had escalated, and Ovzim was looking for the help of these powerful mages who had been so misled by Farkain. The PCs re-entered the stronghold through a secret entrance to the mines, joined with Ovzim and took the axe back from Farkain. They departed, leaving Ovzim to straighten the rest out.

As of 24 April, the PCs were still at Deadtooth.

Chala reached fifth level, and Denis and Misha both passed second and reached third (raising some serious questions about awarding experience in the campaign, as well as about the reasonableness of low- and high-level characters adventuring together).

Owl Island

DM: Koeunyi Bae

Real date: 15 March 1993
Game dates: 30 March 46–1 April 46

Characters: Hal, Naphur

Hispanian Axe (Quarcal)

DM: Mark Lawrence

Real date: 29 August 1992 (30, 1 Sept.)
Game dates: 3 April 46–4 May 46

Characters: Bin, Ekri, K'ssansk, Macarus, Fyrne (NPC), Milagne (NPC), Valindras (NPC)


Villa of Shadows

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 8 October 1993
Game dates: 5 April 46–17 April 46

Characters: Evric, Merrik, Thewyln, Quintus Guardianus Vitellus (NPC)

While riding away from the site of the Asian Axe adventure, the party was enveloped in a strangely dense fog. When the fog finally lifted, Evric, Merrik, and Thewyln found themselves separated from the rest of the party. Riding on, they came to a small town with an inhospitable populace, encountering the spirit of a dead gladiator named Glaucus. Unwilling to spend more time in the town than necessary, they headed towards a light on a hillside, and were encouraged on their way by a pack of wolves. They finally reached a villa atop the hill, and spent the night there.

One down, two to go . . .

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 25 April 1994
Game dates: 21 April 46–29 April 46

Characters: Merrik, Marcus Origenus (NPC), Tomnar (NPC), Erissia (NPC)

Danish Axe (Gorag)

DM: Paul Gries & Wally Wallenstein

Real date: 2 August 1993
Game dates: 25 April 46–30 April 46

Characters: Celsus, Dras, Marius Tarn, ShadowDancer, Fent, Rega, Ogresmasher (NPC)


Massilia Freestyle

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 15 December 1993
Game dates: 10 May 46–11 May 46

Characters: Macarus, Thewyln, Imira (NPC), Dena Dolphinrider (NPC)


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 28 August 1992 (29)
Game dates: 13 May 46–21 May 46

Characters: Chala, Denis, Kunte, Raffio, Kellnis (NPC), Beizi (NPC), Dregar (NPC)

En route back from the Axe fiasco in Armenia, Chala, Kunte, Denis, and Misha stopped in Antioch. Kunte and Misha came down with some kind of stomach flu, so the others had time on their hands. They ran into Raffio and the bard Kellnis (whom they'd met on their way up to Armenia in the first place) and swapped stories. Rumors around Antioch included some strange goings-on — a kidnapping, a rash of poisonings, and some hotshot gang of thieves. The PCs, naturally enough, decided to investigate.

The kidnapping was eventually traced to one Beizi, a local hero of a nearby village, a master in the chariot-races, and a paladin! She was holding the vanished girl, she believed, for the girl's own good — she was convinced the girl was possessed by a demon or something, and wouldn't let her go despite the arguments of the PCs. Raffio fought Beizi and lost. She was later found assassinated.

Kunte recovered in time for the second session.

The poisonings, which were believed to have started with the death of two priests of Apollo, were traced to one of those priests, who had poisoned the other, the high priest, under the misapprehension that he was delivering a potion of longevity. Erps. He went mad and started poisoning people randomly in the market square, but the PCs caught him and turned him in to his temple.

All these deeds of derring-do managed to bring the PCs to the attention of this gang of thieves. The PCs fought off one attack, but then found themselves threatened by an agent of one Umar, who seems to have been behind the other incidents. They skipped town rather than see if he'd follow through with his threats, arriving in Tanis on 28 May.


DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 2 January 1994
Game dates: 12 June 46–22 June 46

Characters: Evric, Denis, Jannes

The party formed when Evric, in search of Jannes and Galek, met them in northern Syria; traveling just a few hours behind Jannes was Denis, who knew Galek. They traveled together to the next town, where strange farm animal dissapearances had been occurring. A farmer swore that a fire-breathing dragon was behind the thefts. The party agreed to help the town, and rode off into the dusty hills. They found a dead, burned skeleton, and while searching the area they were attacked by a firedrake. After the party was scorched for a few rounds, Jannes slept it and it crashed to the ground. The skeleton had a treasure map which the group proceeded to follow, which led to a pair of doors set in a cliff. Entering, they discovered a tomb shaped like a ship, complete with stone rowers. In the prow, facing forward, was the dead body; in the room just aft of that was an altar to Tanit. The party searched for awhile, and then Jannes went outside while the other two split the gold on the altar. As they were leaving, Denis was strangled by a black shadow-creature; eventually, Evric and Jannes defeated it, but Denis was killed and Evric strangled unconscious. Jannes and Evric brought the dead body to Alexandria, where Denis was resurrected.


DM: Amy Wyatt

Real date: 5 August 1993
Game dates: 17 June 46–

Characters: Firrek, Kira, Retean (NPC)

The Arena

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 27 January 1993
Game dates: 19 June 46–21 June 46

Characters: Chala, Kélia, Estis (NPC)

Chala's friend Kélia, a woman with substantial power in the Assembly of Maia to which he belongs, stopped in to visit with him one day. She told him that certain other members of the Assembly were a little miffed at his supposed lack of social graces. She also showed him a flyer advertising the upcoming arena appearance of one Estis, a "barbarian elf from the wilds of Germania" — and a member of Chala's tribe. Checking out the rumors, Chala found that this Estis was supposed to be facing, among other things, a five-headed hydra. This prompted the question of whether his promoters expected him to survive, but a very quick trip to Alexandria (by horse one way, with a teleporting return trip) verified that he was scheduled to appear there next. Chala met the elf (again), as well as his owner and trainers, charmed the owner and persuaded him to free Estis if he survived the combat.

So Estis faced a hydra in single combat, with some help from Chala's spells, and . . . defeated it! Estis was freed as promised, and became a very good friend to Chala. He moved in with Chala and Kunte, and will be around as a henchman in future adventures.


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 16 April 1993 (-19)
Game dates: 21 June 46 –25 June 46

Characters: Charnal, Raz, Sjörlnij, Benella (NPC), Eudokia (NPC), Khemet (NPC)

Amazon Women On The Dune

DM: Mark Lawrence

Real date: 4 January 1994
Game dates: 23 June 46–26 June 46

Characters: Geref, Hal, Jannes

The characters found themselves searching for a bunch of large women who were abducting young men from Alexandria and the surrounding area. They followed a map to a ruined castle, and (after some searching around) went in through a secret entrance under the moat. They met up with a naga, who gave them power to defeat the women.


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 27 February 1993 (&24 April)
Game dates: 8 July 46–14 July 46

Characters: Chala, Charnal, Kunte, Raz, Estis (NPC), Mixyla (NPC)

First session: Chala and Kunte, trying to raise money for spell research, met a remarkable actress in the street theater, Mixyla. She was quite a success with the crowds, but also quickly befriended the two mages (prompting excited headlines: "Star Actress Seen Dining With Ex-Gladiator! . . . Other companions unknown"). She stayed in their house. It even turned out they had a mutual acquaintance, the dwarven priest Kennros. Everything went smoothly until, one night, Mixyla didn't return home. No one had seen her since the performance that afternoon. They scouted around the stage area, discovering a sewer grating, which they went down. There were vague tracks in the muck down there, so they struck out basically randomly, killed three ghouls, and . . . we had to stop for the day.

Second session (Charnal and Raz added as PCs): Following the Excavations adventure, Charnal had headed upriver towards home. In Cynopolis, however, a dwarven thief snuck aboard the boat and stole the Eyes he'd so painstakingly recovered from the ancient dwarven stronghold under Eudokia's villa. He headed back to Tanis to try to track them down.

Meanwhile, Raz' friend Rheka, a co-star alongside Mixyla, brought Raz the news of the murder of Zerys, the leading man in the company. Chala and Kunte learned about the death rather more directly, finding the body themselves under some bushes. Raz was less than fully interested until the next night, when Rheka herself was killed. The PCs joined together and did some useless investigating until the third night, when Kunte became the target of the attack, and the attacker turned out to be Mixyla, in a wolf-like form. That resolved, Chala and Kunte set out to learn how she might be cured, while Raz and Charnal are concentrating on recovering Charnal's Eyes. Chala and Kunte are poised to find the hermit Ekhnet.

Leading the Blind

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 26 June 1993 (-27)
Game dates: 14 July 46–16 July 46

Characters: Charnal, Raz, Benella (NPC), Alderos (NPC), Thorkin (NPC), Furdor (NPC), Thorvald (NPC), Essa (NPC), Barrik (NPC), Otkas (NPC)

Charnal's bizarre quest to recover his Eyes continues . . .

The DM suspects that the players were somewhat frustrated by the whole thing, but in fact (though they may not realize it) they learned a tremendous amount about what's going on in Egypt, through the dwarf Thorkin and the priest of Dubana, Barrik. They were peripheral to the whole adventure, however, but the PCs eventually learned that Alderos had conspired to have them stolen. In a very unusual move (suggested, I confess, by Essa), the PCs filed a complaint against Alderos with the local government clerk, who sent police to his house, who searched it and found the Eyes (returning them to Charnal) along with enough evidence to convict Alderos of sorcery. Alderos escaped arrest, however, and is now an angry criminal. . . .

Searching for Ekhnet

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 23 July 1993
Game dates: 18 July 46–5 August 46

Characters: Chala, Kunte, Raz, Tirraka, Estis, Mixyla, Ekhnet (NPC)

(Masks, continued)


DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 1 October 1993
Game dates: 20 July 46–30 July 46

Characters: Charnal,

Alexandria, Alexandrius

DM: David Silbey

Real date: 4 September 1994
Game dates: 10 August 46–11 August 46

Characters: Chala, Dras, Geref, Ku, Raz, Pontius Africanus (NPC), Iris (the Hand of Isis) (NPC), Ahmis (NPC), Garus Mord "the Hound" (NPC)

At-ka-beset's Revenge

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 28 October 1994
Game dates: 23 January 47–29 January 47

Characters: Chala, Toad (NPC), Balak (NPC), Ok'rrek (NPC)

Chala leaves Tanis on 23 January. Hires Adánakh, sets out, travels.

January 24.

Arrive at the tomb noonish. Met with Toad, used insignificance to explore caverns. Ate dinner, rested.

January 25

set into caverns again; accosted by Ok'rrek; agreed to meet again tomorrow (when Chala had tongues). Rest of day spent piddling, exploring a little bit. Sighted mummy briefly in mine shaft.

January 26

Talk to Ok'rrek first thing AM. Search the bottom of the pit for secret doors. Checking mine shaft. Searching outside. Found secret door. Entered tomb proper, translated warning, saw "lab" downstairs, fought stone guardians. Estis died. Chala managed to destroy one of the guardians. Toad offers to help . . . tomorrow.

January 27

Study 4 1/2 hours! Toad, Balak, & Chala go up to the tomb proper, finish off the remaining stone guardian, and explore the rest of the tomb. Chala picks up a golden bowl in the main burial chamber and gets socked with the curse — his Wisdom is now 3. He did a detect magic, revealing necromantic magic in the spirit items, and magic in the illusion in the corner.

Went back to rest the night (after trying to meet Ok'rrek, with no success).

Oh, too, they found that the desert goblin mummy was no longer on the bier in the first burial chamber — 24 hours later, it was fully animated and sent off to do its master's bidding.

January 28

Study spells for 3 hours. Wandering down in the mine shaft, calling for At-ka-beset, encounter and kill a goblin-servitor mummy (with the non-help of 6 summoned desert goblins and 4 dwarven guards). Report back to Toad.

Using insignificance, exploring caverns again, discovered goblins in something of an uproar over the suddenly appeared corpses of the six goblins summoned by Chala . . . Rushed back to warn dwarves of possible imminent goblin attack which never came. Went back in, fought some goblins, killing 3 more. Rested to relearn spells.

January 29

3am. Ventured into caverns once more, found desert goblins engaged in combat with dwarf mummy. Helped defeat the mummy (and Ok'rrek's molecular agitation was handy! 1d3, then 1d8, then 2d8 per round). Talked with Ok'rrek.

5am. Went back upstairs. Killed the mummy, yes, the big mummy, mostly thanks to Toad and Balak (though those goblins helped keep everyone alive).

hang out all day, talking with Morin & the dwarves. Go downstairs again.

8pm sleep 2 hours.

Nbod's Room

DM: Amy Wyatt

Real date: 8 March 1995 (-15)
Game dates: 13 September 46–20 September 46

Characters: Jannes

Jannes writes:

I went on vacation to Gades (in Baetica) where, unbeknowst to me, there was a major annual festival going on. So I set about trying to get a room, with very little success — until I was directed to Javius' place, the Old Sea Dog. A room there is always vacant — Nbod's room. Nbod was a pirate who died 4 or 5 years ago now, but still seems to linger around his room. I heard stories of other brave young men who thought they could handle the challenge, and of strange happenings in and around the room (things moving, the sounds of drumming, people talking, etc.). I started poking around.

In an extradimensional pocket behind a portrait of Nbod I found navigational items, a shovel, torches, and a box with balls of soft wax in it. Poking around the desk, I found some sea charts and books on navigation. In a hidden drawer, with some help from Nbod (I had won his favor, I guess, by knocking at the door before I entered) I found a strange dagger, with a wavy blade, an ivory handle carved in the shape of a whale, and a large pearl in the pommel.

But no key to the big sea chest with the lock shaped like a screaming face. So I used wraithform to get into the chest, and the floor opened beneath me. I found myself on an island beach, the sound of drumming coming from inland. Following the sound, I saw some people dancing, an old man drumming, and a great big octopus coming up out of the lagoon to eat some of the dancing men. I tried to help with no success.

I talked to the drumming man, a wizard (?) by the name of Kaylin, who was an old friend of Nbod's. He told me a lot of stuff: about Nbod's treasure, hidden in a cave under the Singing Cliffs, of the birds who mesmerize one with their song along those cliffs, of Nbod's ships, the Conundrum and the Maybelle, and of Nbod's mysterious death. I resolved to find Nbod's treasure and somehow help to lay him to rest. I walked along the atoll to the end of the island I was on, then (using the Leviathan dagger and my ring of free action) walked underwater until I found the cave entrance. I slept the sea hag who was trying to get her dagger back, buried Nbod's bones (along with some of his treasure), and went back to Nbod's room through another portal with a lot of loot. I ended up in the bathtub this time, which I think was the Maybelle portal (the one in the chest is Conundrum).

I thought I was done. I went to sleep. But I woke up in the middle of the night with a strange man rummaging under my bed for the dagger, which he found before I could bash him. I tried to bash him, but he ran out of the room through the wardrobe. I followed him, bashed a brute (Thim) who was trying to wrestle me, slept a bunch of people worshipping a gross fish-god, and ran in terror when the strange man — a priest — cast a spell on me (just after I turned invisible). I returned (still invisible), followed the priest out of the temple, up through a seedy tavern, out into the streets, then ran around in front of him and bashed him with my staff. He ran away, but I made a phantasmal force in front of him that looked just like me, and he bashed it (and vice versa) for a while. Finally, the illusion got in a good hit and the priest fell unconscious. I took the dagger back and (stupidly) left him alive.

The next day I tried to get some information about this priest. I found out his name (Zoon), the name of Nbod's third ship (Grindstaff — the command word for the portal in the wardrobe), and not much else. Four more worshipers came looking for me, but I slept them and dumped them through the portal in the chest for Kaylin and the headhunters to deal with. Finally, invisible once more, I went back through the wardrobe and attacked again. I failed to blind Zoon with a continual light spell, slept some more worshipers, and fought Zoon and the remaining worshiper one more time. A hypnotic pattern won me enough time (getting the worshiper out of the way) to bash Zoon good and finally, slit his throat, and get out of there in wraithform. I finally noticed the shark (?) pool between the temple area and the portal to the wardrobe, and the dead body hanging in a cage above it, and had no more qualms about killing the priest (I should probably have killed them all). Then I unbolted the furniture from the floor, mashed up the back of the wardrobe and the bottoms of the chest and the tub, and rested in bed for three more days. Haunting and portals are removed once and for all.

(Adventure from DUNGEON #51.)


DM: Paul Gries

Real date: 18 March 1995 (-19)
Game dates: 29 September 46–5 October 46

Characters: Ianna, Jannes, Ellen (NPC), Maretia (NPC)

Spellbook Masquerade

DM: Amy Wyatt

Real date: 10 April 1995
Game dates: 1 November 46–1 November 46

Characters: Jannes

The Shadowlord's Revenge

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 5 July 1997
Game dates: 13 January 47–

Characters: Aemilia, Geref, Hal, Macarus, Raz

The Shadowlord's Revenge, Part 2

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 24-25 June 1999
Game dates: 13 January 47–14 January 47

Characters: Denis, Geref, Hal, Herbie, Macarus, Nakelan, Raz, ShadowDancer, Ziploc Baggins

The Altar of Sacrifice

DM: James Wyatt

Real date: 19 August 2000
Game dates: 19 January 47–21 January 47

Characters: Denis, Hal, Herbie, Nakelan, Rakh, Raz