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Kraken Islands

Human civilization in the Kraken Islands, and the kingdom of Sanctum, is often referred to as the Seven Cities (sort of like the Five Nations in Khorvaire). They are the largest settlements on the islands and shape the way that humans think of their habitation of the archipelago. The people of the Farwest Isles, for example, still think of themselves as citizens of Refuge, the Seventh City of Sanctum, though the ruler of Refuge has had no influence on their lives in generations.

Sanctum, the First City
Ruler: King Marcan III
Patron Deity: Phoebe, goddess of home and hearth (light)
Symbol: Phoenix
Landmark: The Great Lighthouse, beacon to all the Seven Cities

Haven, the Second City
Patron Deity: Jerann, goddess of life
Symbol: Crane
Landmark: The Crane Fountain, where healing waters flow

Aegis, the Third City
Patron Deity: Kestra, goddess of war
Symbol: Eagle
Landmark: The Column of Victory, celebrating the fall of Sekkûr

Accord, the Fourth City
Patron Deity: Strygia, goddess of knowledge
Symbol: Owl
Landmark: The Great Library, storehouse of learning

Union, the Fifth City
Patron Deity: Phasis, goddess of nature
Symbol: Pheasant
Landmark: The Walled Gardens, where all things grow

Bastion, the Sixth City
Patron Deity: Diomeda, the Watcher at Sea, goddess of protection for sailors (tempest)
Symbol: Albatross
Landmark: The Colossus, Watcher of the Seven Cities

Refuge, the Seventh City
Ruler: Queen Kristryd
Patron Deity: Corva, goddess of the moon (trickery)
Symbol: Raven
Landmark: The Observatory, where secrets are read in the stars

Sekkûr, the Eighth City
Ruler: None
Patron Deity: the Queen of Chaos (goddess of death)
Symbol: Vulture
Landmark: None

Each city has a sovereign—a king or a queen—but the king of Sanctum is first among equals, much like the bishop of Rome. So people in the Farwest Isles do know the name of the queen of Refuge.