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Race Information

Dwarf Subrace: Frost Dwarf

The seafaring dwarves of Aquela are native to the frozen northern lands of Khelek-Karag, dwelling in lofty fortresses built into the cliffs above the northern fjords. 
    Ability Score Adjustment: Your starting Constitution score increases by 1.
    Cold Resistance: You gain resistance to cold.


The elves of Aquela are a primitive, tribal folk who have all but forgotten their ancient, glorious past. They are treated as wood elves.

Halfling Variant: Grippli

Halflings do not exist on Aquela, but the diminutive race of froglike humanoids known as grippli share many of the same characteristics.
    Grippli are amphibious humanoids resembling the tree frogs which are so common in their native jungles.
    Personality: Grippli society is primitive by human standards, but peaceful. They live in tribal villages built of wooden and mud-brick houses on the jungle floor in the tropical Eastern islands. Grippli tend to be nonaggressive and shy. An adventuring grippli character could be on a quest on behalf of her dwindling tribe, or perhaps an outcast from his tribe
    Physical Description: Grippli average only two and a half feet tall, weighing somewhere around 30 pounds. But for their dextrous hands and prehensile feet, grippli look very much like large frogs, with grey-green skin mottled and striped with darker greens and browns.
    Traits: Grippli share all halfling racial traits, with the grippli "subrace":
    Ability Score Adjustment: Your starting Dexterity score increases by 1.
    Tree Born: You can climb without spending extra movement.