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Race-Class Archetypes


  • Dwarf Cleric: Devoted to the Four Immortals, dwarf clerics strive to advance the cause of the dwarf race in its renaissance, traveling across the world in mighty galleons to promote trade and colonization.
  • Dwarf Fighter: The stout crew of dwarven galleons and defenders of new colonies across the world, dwarf fighters use their blastpowder weapons to protect their kin.
  • Dwarf Rogue: Dwarf rogues are not typically scoundrels, just dwarves who are skilled at tinkering, working with their hands to maintain galleons and weapons.
  • Dwarf Sorcerer: One of the gifts of the Four Immortals was psionic power, which manifests in some dwarves as a sorcerous origin.


  • Elf Fighter: Woodland scounts and tribal defenders, elf fighters are skilled at ambush and guerilla warfare, fighting fiercely to protect their people from the terrors of the forests.
  • Elf Rogue: Elf rogues are combat-focused, leading other warriors in ambush and stealth.
  • Elf Warlock: Elves sometimes enter into pacts with powerful fey entities of the forest to gain magical abilities.


Aquela has never had halflings before! What do I want to do with them? Grippli??


The natives of the Corvian archipelago follow the tradition of the Raven, the trickster-god. Their recent history is shaped by their colonization by the forces of the Empire, but they have a long early history dominated by a conflict between the free island-states and the empire of the lich-queen Killesti.
  • Corvian Cleric: Clerics of the Raven are mendicant storytellers who wield spells of trickery and misdirection in preference to maces and damaging spells.
  • Corvian Fighter: Mostly swashbucklers and duelists, the fighters of the Corvian islands are fast and agile, favoring light weapons and little armor.
  • Corvian Rogue: Many Corvians lived in poverty under the rule of the Empire, so the archetypal Corvian rogue is a street-dweller who survives through wits and flexible morals.
  • Corvian Wizard: (less disciplined study, more often multi-classed)
  • Corvian Sorcerer: (dragon origin)
  • Corvian Warlock: (pacts?)


  • Imperial Cleric: (armed and armored servants of the Lawbringer)
  • Imperial Fighter: (disciplined soldier)
  • Imperial Rogue: (con artist, profiting from the domination of the empire)
  • Imperial Wizard: (noble, scholar)
  • Imperial Sorcerer: (favored soul of lesser cult—elemental, Hyrius/Arius, etc.)
  • Imperial Warlock: (pacts?)

Future Races

Liminal (water-breathing but otherwise equivalent to half-elf)
Goblin (half-orc underclass)
Jann (genasi; foamborn are the most common)