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Angler Island

The largest of the Border Isles, Angler Island is also the most habitable, boasting a lush forest and wide yellow plains. A small village of fishers, farmers, and pearl divers remained on the island after the Empire's fall, though pirate raids made life particularly difficult after the Imperial keep on the west side of Halfmoon Bay was abandoned and fell into ruin. A pair of powerful adventurers changed that when they took up residence in the village of Hommel Lane, organized a militia, and fought off several pirate invasions. Rufus and Burne then built a tower in the village and settled down to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Over the years of their residence in the village, they have expanded their tower into a full-fledged keep on the same mighty scale as the old imperial one.

Rufus and Burne have established watchtowers at the mouth of the bay to keep the pirates and raiders that plague the Border Isles at bay. With the protection of Rufus and Burne, Hommel Lane has prospered once again. The island's lighthouses have been restored to working order, and trade with the western islands has brought a wealth of exotic items and new faces to the village.

Beacon House: The Beacon House is perched atop a 750-foot cliff looking out over the wind-tossed sea. The great beacon atop the tower here warns off ships that stray near the island in the dark of night. Only old Helen is usually found in the lighthouse; her grandchild Kris daily brings her supplies from the Hommel Lane markets.

Crystal Springs Lake: Crystal Springs Lake is fed from below by a natural spring of the same name. The water is clean, clear, and cold. Much of it pools to form the lake, but the overflow constantly washes over the cliff to the west, forming the magnificent Crystal Falls, visible many miles from the shore of Angler Island. The Lake House next to the lake is home to Dannis the Water Bearer, who sells clay pots full of spring water down in the market.

The Downs: Both the Near Downs and the Razorback Downs consist of tumbling, grass-covered hills, mostly barren of trees or bushes. Large rocks protrude from the wind-worn hills, giving the downs their rough appearance; this is particularly true of the Razorbacks. A small band of raiders, members of the same band that inhabit the moathouse on Mistrend Island, have encamped in the Razorback Downs, close enough to be able to spy on the village, far enough away so as to be unlikely to be discovered accidentally.

Greenroot Forest: A dense tangle of bushes and palms around the edges of the forest gives ground farther in to mainly coniferous trees adapted to the environment. A huge variety of bird life lives within the forest, as well as a pair of giant spiders that prey on birds as well as larger creatures that stray too near their webs.

Halfmoon Bay: The waters of the bay are calm, protected by the towering cliffs of the strait. Even during stormy weather, the water within the bay is still navigable to larger ships; only exceptionally bad conditions would scuttle a ship inside the bay. Fishing within the bay is not allowed. The bay serves merely as a gateway for the dozens of fishers who venture forth each day to try their nets on the open seas.

Last House: Built on the edge of Dolphin's Point, the Last House looks 800 feet down a sheer cliff to the crashing waves of the sea. Until twenty years ago it had been the residence of an aged alchemist/magician of sinister reputation, and even then had been shunned by reason of its owner's mysterious occupations. Now, two decades after the sudden and unexplained disappearance of its occupant, the house has acquired an even greater air of evil and mystery with the passing years.

Plain of Yellow: Yellow-green grasses grow in thick profusion on the high plain. Dairy cows belonging to Nowell Graven (area 21 in the village) graze freely here.

Rateliff Reach: This crooked finger of rock points towards one of the best pearling beds in the nearby seas. A small community of pearl divers live in small huts on the Reach, harvesting the pearls. Hommel Lane charges high taxes on these pearls, encouraging the divers to find alternative markets for their goods.

Rushmoor Isle: This low island is covered with a stinking swamp. Lizardfolk dwell in a great mound on the southern side of the island, while the north holds a damp subterranean compound that serves as the headquarters for the Reptile Cult that plagues the isles. 

The Teeth: This scattering of rocky islands jutting up from the rough sea get their name from their sharp edges—and from the way they have caught up and devoured ships over the years. No lighthouse has ever been erected on the islands, because they are infested with monsters. Even farther into Killesi's former domain than Blight Isle, the Teeth are riddled with sea caves that provide shelter to all manner of humanoid monsters. On the largest island of the bunch is an ancient temple to Chaos, once again inhabited by an active cult led by a villain named Therin Doul. 

At low tide, it's possible to walk between most of the islands of the Teeth, and the monstrous inhabitants of the isles often raid each other's territory at that time.
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