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The Border Isles

The Border Isles are mostly rocky, wind-swept islands at the edge of the civilized world. Long ago, they lay in disputed territory between the islands claimed by the great Empire and the domain of the lich-queen Killesti. Some of the islands hold the ruins of old imperial forts and settlements, while others bear the scars of their habitation by Killesti's forces of Chaos. With the decline of the Empire and the fall of the lich-queen, the Border Isles were soon abandoned and lay desolate for decades.

Angler Island: The largest of the Border Isles is also the most arable, home to the farmers and fishers of the village of Hommel Lane. 

Blight Isle: Once solidly within Killesti's domain, this island bears much of the taint of its former evil. The rough-and-tumble town of Nulb is a haven for pirates, smugglers, and fugitives from the law, as well as a thriving cult of Chaos. 

Mistrend Island: A ruined keep on this island was once the westernmost outpost of Killesti's forces. Now it is a pirate base, but greater dangers lurk in the cellars and catacombs beneath the old moathouse

Killeniaristi: The easternmost of the Border Isles is covered in thick jungle and has never known Imperial colonization, though in ages past it was the seat of a great elven kingdom in the eastern isles. It is home to numerous primitive elven tribes, degenerate descendants of the ancient elves, but they live only on the coasts and avoid the wild heart of the island, which they say is haunted by all sorts of terrible monsters. The influence of Killesti is felt here as well, for some of the elven tribes practice necromantic rituals learned under the lich-queen's reign. The ancient capital city of Killeniaristi lies in ruins near the center of the island, now infested with the serpentine yuan-ti.
[[mashup: Isle of Dread, Dwellers of the Forbidden City, Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, and Shrine of the Kuo-Toa beneath the city. Campaign Phase 2.]]
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Sep 7, 2012, 9:58 PM